How long did you beat the campaign?

I’m downloading the game here and wondering about the game lenght, since it seems quite a controversial opinion.

So, how long did you take to beat the campaign in Halo 5 for the first time?
And how long does it compare to the previous Halo games for you? It felt longer or shorter?

Ps.: Please, post in wich difficulty did you play!
Ps.2: Please avoid posting spoilers.

I havent beet it yet but i just finished mission six which has altogether taken me about 5 hours. I’m also playing on normal.

4 ~ 6 hours, give or take a bit. I played on Heroic but took the time to try and seek out the Intel Logs when possible. Of course halfway through I got wrapped up in finishing the story so there were times when I got a bit hasty… Edit Actually, was more like 7 ~ 9 hours now I think about it, but too late to change my vote now. :confused:

Now that I’ve finished it though I don’t have to fear the word “Spoilers!!!” when browsing the interwebs, and can take a second shot at hunting them down properly while not concerning myself with the story at hand :slight_smile:

7 hours give or take a couple of minutes on normal. And that involved a bit of rushing through for story’s sake.

7:25 for me, though I did spend a good 30 mins trying to get the skull on Swords of Sanghelios haha

If you have played through the first games and just want to get the story done it will take around 5 to 7 hours

It actually took me about 7 hours, ONLY because I was taking my time looking around the map for things such as secret weapons data panels and other things and the fact my mother who is right across this hall kept getting pissy that i was up and my TV wouldn’t be silent when I had the volume at 1, so I had to pause here and there =/

Just over 8 hours, solo on Heroic. I took it nice and slow, admired the incredible scenery and looked around for what intel and skulls I could find.

Loved the campaign, had so much fun but not sure what to think of where the story went…

Blue Team could have done with an extra mission or two. Even just one, their missions were so fun

I must be playing quite slow compared to everyone else haha

i thought it was supposed to be twice as long as Halo 4. Was Halo 4 really 3.5 hours long?

Between 4-6 hours on normal.
2 player coop legendary I think it took 7-10 hrs? Not sure.
Starting solo legendary soon that’s going to be fun :confused:

Playing on heroic and not seeking out Intel or skulls it took me 7 hours and 34 min with 57 deaths, 25 of which were on Cortana’s 3 gaurdians toward the end. Overall satisfied with it.

Around 8 hours on heroic. Breaks included.

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> i thought it was supposed to be twice as long as Halo 4. Was Halo 4 really 3.5 hours long?

Halo 4 campaign levels felt much longer than the Halo 5 levels. The lengths are relatively even. Halo 4 missions had three parts in each level (Hence the Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie rally points) while Halo 5 were 1/3 as long (No rally points).

Around 7 hours on normal, walked slowly to check all enviroment, searched for intel,skulls and weapons. Seen all cutscenes.
Spend 2-3 hours on the first 4 missions on solo legendary now…

6:27 on normal. I wasn’t actively looking for any skulls or data except those i knew where they are.

It probably took me 12-14 hours on Legendary, and about 8-9 hours or so on normal.
…and I was looking for some of the stuff, but I wasn’t making it a point to find everything in the first run. Did the same on my Legendary run, too.

Slightly over 10 hours on my first solo run in Heroic. Didn’t do a ton of exploring, didn’t find any Skulls and found only 10 intel pieces. Will be going through again on Legendary!