How Long Did It Take You To Beat The Campaign?

I just played through on Normal to get it done somewhat quickly. Took me 5:56! What about you guys?

6 hours on heroic

6 hours just about

4 hours 20 mins on Normal.

1 Day 2hrs 16 minutes to complete everything. Maybe like 9 hours for my first run through on co-op with my friend. We were wandering around a bit though and not rushing.

6 hours 34 minutes, heroic solo. And that was with exploring and taking my time.


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Took me around 7 to 8 hours on Heroic. I took my time and enjoyed the sights.

One day, on Heroic.

7 hours on Normal and I dilly dallied a lot too, so I was a little disappointed in its lack of length. But it was fun.

13 hours legendary co-op