How long did it take chief to walk to infinit

How long did it take the chief to walk all the way to the infinity’s crash site?

343 Minutes.

Jokes aside, probably a long while. The impact was predicted at 77.8km north.

I feel like they could have made the entire campaign from that point about getting to the infinity. Imagine all the places he had to get through to get there.

I say it was probably like 3 or 4 hours. Spartans can move fast.
We dont even know if he encountered move Covies on the way. On the cutscene, some Phantoms approach from behind him. Who knows if he found any kind of vehicles in the way…

The Arbiter probably gave him a ride in a phantom.

An hour and a half maybe? Maximum I think two hours… but I think it’s not that.

Who knows, maybe he found a teleporter along the way and was able to cut his journey in half.

BTW, abit OT, but for a super-solider who cares for the others around him, isn’t it abit odd that he just stolls to the crash site?
Can’t he not have as sense of urgency and jog for some of it, I know the addition of sprint has made it so he can only run for 5 seconds until he needs to catch his breath but come on, he can flip a tank after all :slight_smile:

why? i mean, its not a rant thread which is nice but… this is really random XD

like other have said, a good while, hours easily.

He didn’t walk all the way, a Pelican picked him up.

Infinity turned around and came to chief.

Kinda like how when he does pushups, he doesn’t push himself up. Rather, he pushes the earth down.

> He didn’t walk all the way, a Pelican picked him up.

He’s talking about the time between the scene where Infinity breaks through the clouds, to where he’s in the Jungle.

well either way it feels like a dur moment in the campaign.

Spartans can sprint at 60kph…

It could have been possible there was suppose to be a mission there but must have got cut out because of how much they were rushed.

OT: probably a good hour or so.

It was something like 80 kilometers north of his position. So I am assuming a pretty long journey. Assuming he had not found any vehicles.

A pelican does take him there.