How long am I banned?

Today, I was ‘Temporarily Banned from Earning XP’ most likely because I was AFK for too many games of Flood. I had to leave home for personal reasons and thought that if Flood guaranteed me XP from every game, I might as well let it keep running. When I returned home, I had been kicked from the game and I had earned little XP. I restarted my XBox and Halo 4, and I got the deadly message. I looked on the forums to see why I was banned, but I don’t know for how long. I can still play matchmaking, but I can’t earn XP from it, deeming it useless. can someone tell me when I can start earning XP?

Assuming it was a first time offense, I believe its a 24 or 48 hour ban. If you’re still able to play matchmaking, it’s not a permanent ban which is a good sign

Don’t be one of those people who purposefully AFK to boost XP. Many people in the community despise those kind of actions.