How likely are new Spartan Armor-parts for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary?

Well, having finally bought my own copy of Reach last week (prior to that, I’ve been playing as a Guest since launch), I’ve become addicted to customizing my character. Even if nobody else would ever notice, it just adds another facet to the game that I really enjoy; plus it’s purely cosmetic, which prevents the whole MW2/Black Ops mistake of unbalancing online gameplay.

So then, as happy as I am to see the original Halo getting a makeover, I’m really curious what all it might add to the multiplayer community. For example, I would LOVE to see the original’s smaller-scale maps return, as I’ve always preferred 2v2 over 4v4 or larger, but Reach’s maps feel almost too big to keep that same, high-octane action going.

Of course, that brings me to new Armor-parts. Naturally, a lot of people are speculating the “BOB” Helmet as seen from the Defiant Pack screens. Another suggestion, which at least to me would be awesome, is the “World” EVA Helmet from the Bungie Day promo’s.

Granted, we don’t want too many goofy/supernatural helmets floating around, but certainly the more options, the better. Speaking for myself, I’d love to see a Helmet with a T-shape Visor, reminiscent of Boba Fett. Likewise, it’d be great to see some Chests that stand out a tad more, such as having a moss-net one like Jun has, or even a less-armored variant (perhaps only the under-armor, with a short, tattered cloak to evoke more of a combat-hardened image?).

Most of this is probably wishful thinking on my part, but I would definitely enjoy seeing some more options made available. So, what do you think the odds are of actually getting some new equipment?

impossible. evil otto has confirmed on Bnet new armor cant be added via update because you would need to install the entire game again

Really? Well, that’s kind of a bummer… Still, hopefully Halo: CE Anniv will be awesome. I wonder, though; will it have a shared multiplayer? For that matter, didn’t ODST actually add armor? Or was that in Halo 3’s files, already?

Halo 3’s Recon armour was already on the disc, that why Bungie could use it before ODST came out.

> impossible. evil otto has confirmed on Bnet new armor cant be added via update because you would need to install the entire game again

that is such a lie. all armor is just like few Mb or maybe even a Gb of data. they wont because they dont want too. look at all of the other game and why can’t reach? because they don’t want to, they why.

Anyone who says “impossible” to this is most likely lying.

Bungie has confirmed the “BOB/GRD” helmet is 343i’s baby, and that they had nothing to do with it. 343 has probably found a way to bring new Armor into the game through the Title Update, and we’ll more than likely see this happen with the release of Halo CEA.