How is this still happening??

So I’ve been working really hard to get platinum in slayer, I got to gold 6 and got 19-4 or something like that on rig, so I was really hopeful to rank up. But no the next match it puts us against a diamon player and a high platinum? So we lose, and again with the same people! Left the lobby so I wouldn’t be with them again and wow once again a diamond player on there’s and we have a -Yoinking!- silver on ours! How is that fair? What is the point of ranks? I’m almost done to gold 4 and you put me on teams with unranked, against diamond players?

why dont you play with your company>?

This has been happening to me often in arena since they loosened social slayer matching restrictions. I’m a solid Gold player, being put against platinum/diamond players. Tried the team stat but we ended up against a team of onyx.

Rank resets are in a day so hopefully the new matching system finds some balance.

And so it begins…
I play my placement matches but I keep getting matched with/against unranked players of greater/lesser skill.
This drives me nuts, please fix 343

Yeah matchmaking system is horrible at placing and creating matches unless your entire team is on the Onyx bracket. For March season I ranked platinum (God knows why) and I worked my way back to onyx easily. Shame I didn’t start in onyx again or at least Diamond 5-6. All in all, it will be near impossible to fix and 343’s priority is to find you quick matches, not to find you fair matches.
Teams should fight vs teams,
a group of 2 should only play other groups of 2.
Singles should play with singles or with groups of 3 - so each team would need to have a single and a group of 3.
A group of 4 should only play each other.