How is the Alpha for you guys?

I’m curious how the alpha is? Does if feel smooth and got that refreshing yet nostalgic feel I all know and love from previous Halo installments. What is your opinion on it so far and do you think Halo can be big again like the old days?

It definitely has potential the be big again, as of rn the 4v4 slayer maps are really bad with the amount of grenade spam, you can barely spawn in without almost dying to a grenade especially on the recharge map and the spawns can be really bad, I’ve spawned in a couple times to being spawn camped going on a few games now. The movement however is really good, it runs and feels amazing especially when using the grapple hooks around corners and I can’t wait to see how it runs next weekend when they open up the big battlemode (I can’t remember the name of the gamemode off the top of my head rn)

My only problem right now besides the grenade spam is how glitchy the menus can be and the fact I’ve been trying to get into a game for 30 minutes now and I keep getting a message that says “not enough people to support this gamemode” even though the servers should still be live for a few hours

I haven’t played much, but so far it feels and looks amazing

Yep same for me feels amazing and refreshing.^^

The core is there, but it needs some work.