How is no one complaining about the terrible grenade situation?

My buddies and I have been playing the beta since launch and the previous beta flights. The grenades are incredibly overpowered and used way too much. This isn’t Call of Duty. They definitely need toned down or they need to reduce the respawn rate of the grenades on the maps. We’re all also struggling with the melee system and the lack of player collision makes that so much more worse and more of a gamble as to whether the melee connects. Lastly, spawns are so goofy as all get out. Nothing more annoying than playing oddball and spawning on the opposite side of the map that ball is on while the enemy team spawns right where they need to. Spawns in general have been funky in terms of spawning next to an enemy player or team. Never really had that with Halo before.


Grenades have always been this deadly in Halo. I think they’re actually less deadly than older Halo games due to advanced movement.

They do bounce weird, haven’t quite got my head around them yet.


The grenade spam issue is due to not having friendly fire (a horrible mistake) and not having chain reactions like in previous games which means piles of grenades just sit there and build up until they despawn.

The melee issue is partly caused by no player-collision (as you stated) and a strange melee window that almost seems inconsistent.


I agree with Ken here, I don’t feel like grenades are too overpowered when used against other players. In fact they’re less deadly than COD grenades, which are guaranteed 1-shots at point blank. I think that grenades are actually in a pretty good spot for fighting other players. If anything I’d say they’re underpowered for vehicles. It seems to me like it takes way too many grenades to take out Warthogs for example, but this is likely an issue of vehicles having too much health instead of grenades having too little damage.

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Have you…never played a Halo game before? Halo has always had a bad nade spam problem. Why? Because not only are there pick ups around the map, but some people don’t actually use them, so people that do use them snatch them off of dead bodies.

Also I don’t feel like the grenades are overly strong, Frags feel the same as ever, as do Plasma nades.

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yeah im pretty sure grenades in every other halo were stronger than infinite.

  1. grenades get stuck on so many things.
  2. the explosion radius seems smaller.
  3. faster player movement.
  4. more obstacles to avoid damage.

thats all i got for now.

The issue is the lack of friendly fire in social. It enables people to just dump grenades onto their tram mates without hurting them. Grenades don’t feel out of line compared to past iterations. They bounce a bit faster but that’s about it.

Blame the lack of friendly fire. 343 needs to add FF back in the game.

Is everyone in this thread smoking something? These are the most op grenades since the reach beta

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Damage isn’t the problem. It’s the spamming due to zero consequences (no friendly fire) and no chain reactions, which previously would detonate a pile of grenades but now they sit there until despawning or being picked up.

The only grenade that feels absolutely bad is the dynamo grenade. The whole shock theme in general is bad, totally nullifies vehicles.

the game at the moment feels like it takes no skill to play , throw two grenades and hope for the best , you spend as much time lobbing grenades as you do with your gun out which is not a good thing imo.

I think the main reasons for the grenade spamming is the Grenade Hit Markers and No Friendly Fire.

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I don’t play casual so i’m not experiencing no friendly fire. I do agree with you that no friendly fire is a bad idea.

Grenade kills feel random when I get them. Maybe that’s just me. Part of that is caused by the bouncing mechanics. In older Halos, it was predictable (even H3 which was very random at times)… if I threw a nade at my enemy’s position, I expected thejm to have no shields, then I headshot them with my M6G or BR, etc. In Infinite, half the time, they still have shields when I pursue a weakened target.

Pretty ignorant statement, or you’re just simply a lower tier player who has very little understanding on how to play the game.

Someone wanna explain the golden triangle to him/her?

im diamond 2, thanks

I think the blast radius is a little too wide.

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I think the grenades are fine. No different than what I’m used to

Agree with everything you have said. Grenades and melee are my two biggest complaints and they need to be addressed. I don’t think spawns are horrible or great, they are just fine. I agree, too many times my team spawns have been all over the place., not to mention certain maps where I get grenade spammed or shot at instantly off spawn.

Seriously yeah, the spam is so real an annoying. I hope they make it so you only spawn with 1 frag, reduce the AoE, and definitely make some warning indicators like in 4, so you can tell apart the friendly grenades from enemy ones that will actually hurt you.