How is it possible they made the ranking system worse?

I honestly had no idea it was possible, but the ranked playlist is even worse now than ever. It’s practically impossible to win objective games because for the first time ever I’m getting GOLDS on my team, which I didn’t even think was possible to get because it gave so many people a free diamond placement, and they don’t even shoot their guns let alone go for the objective. They rotate poorly, they mess up spawns by rushing the third stronghold, they watch you die while crouching around a corner with a sword, the works.

I’m not good at this game, that’s for sure, but even I got Onyx by knowing the literal bare minimum basics of how video games work last season. Then they take it away and saddle me with teammates that are the most anchory of anchors possible, against teams searching together.

Rant notwithstanding, what is the solution here? Do I need to do that cheap booster trick where I play like trash in social a few matches then to into ranked? I didn’t want to do it but I feel like the game is designed to force you into that sort of thing.

If you want to win a few ranked games, sure. If you want to try and boost your rank artificially, then no. It actually does the opposite. Lowering your MMR means you get easier games, but smaller CSR gains and larger CSR losses. Very bad idea if you’re trying to increase rank.

Unfortunately you were paired with a Gold player because your Diamond 4 teammate was searching with them. It’s annoying that players that far apart can play competitive together. I’m all for friends playing with one another, but it kinda kills the competitive vibe doing that. The only saving grace is when you get a teammate like that, the enemy team are on average worse as a result. So even if the Gold is somewhat useless, you should be able to exert more control over the game.

Sometimes that player just isn’t very good and you still lose. They have a ~45% win rate over 400ish matches with their Diamond friend so looks like everyone who pairs with them two are fighting an uphill battle.

its toxic, this shouldn’t be how a ranked system works

And don’t even get me started on the atrocious win rewards. You can win and go positive and it gives you maybe 15 points, then takes twice that away if you lose and go positive.

And yet nearly every game is an objective game where you have to make the choice whether to be the slayer or the obj player, because none of the randoms are going to do either, let alone both.