How is it I win 61% of my games in MCC but only win 38% of my games in Infinite. Can someone help me out here?

So, in MCC I average a 1.51 K/D and win roughly 61% of all the games I have ever played, while in Infinite I average a 1.77 K/D but only win 38% of my games.

I could see maybe a 10% difference but we are talking 50% with a .26 K/D higher in Infinite. Logic would dictate it should be the other way around.

I am trying to understand this not bash 343. Is anyone able to help me understand this?


Yea, Infinite is different from the other MCC games.

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Simple the answer is super strict sbmm being in casual


So you are saying skill-based matchmaking is why I’m sitting at 38% win streak?

What is the average when rate for the average player? I would think you would want it at 50% right?

So if I was averaging under a 1 K/D what would my winning percentage be?

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Let’s put it in this way the game tends to put you in matches where you’re at a disadvantage most of the time due to the sbmm being too strict and broken in casual

It works kinda like modern warfare 2019’s sbmm but busted

They have designed the sbmm so that all players achieve a roughly 50% win rate I believe (by creating two teams with roughly equal chance of winning every time).

If a player is particularly strong it will give them weaker teammates often enough to pull them down to 50%.

I think MCC has a different sbmm algorithm

Ah I see. A shame really. Nobody wants to play a game you only have a 38% chance of winning. Just not fun sadly. I think its part of why MCC is so fun. You can win and have a great time playing it too.


I mean you can still win but you have to sweat a majority of the time

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…and sweat I do! :smiley:

I come out of Infinite games all tense and tired. Sadly, casual days are long gone which I do not care for too much. When I want a more casual and enjoyable experience I tend to head over to MCC.


Which bit of your record are we supposed to be looking at?

According to HaloTracker your lifetime overview is 998 matches, 46.7% win rate, and a KD of 1.37?

The SBMM will try and give both teams the same chance to win.

So, your W/L should naturally gravitate towards 50:50. Unless, for whatever reason, you play inconsistently.

How much sweat is up to you. Play with a consistent intensity and your SBMM will adjust around that and provide you balanced matches at that level.

But it’s up to you to maintain that. You can’t keeping switching into ranked/beast mode to win the game or to stop going negative (if you are one of the lower ranked players on your team). Your MMR will go up very quickly.

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That means you just aren’t good enough at Infinite’s systems to earn that 50% winrate. We’ve all been there, but definitely doesn’t help that every other game the MM system throws a montage maker on the other team and you and your team turns into a cringey youtube intro.

Shock to me. I’ve been told that every one should be around 50/50 on win/lose.

You want the simple answer or the long answer? I’ll give you the simple answer.

Infinite’s MP and gameplay is designed to not let you have much higher than a 50% win rate :joy:

I’ll leave the long answer for Darwi, who I can see already sniffed out this thread and will most definitely be educating everyone on how incredible and accurately amazing Infinite’s matchmaking/ranking system is :joy:



Different game is different lol. Why do I win more games in Quake than in CS 1.6???


I know what you’re saying, and lately it has been way worse. I’m winning only roughly 30% or less of my games at the moment, not only that but I am consistently being told by the game that search times are between 3 and 5 minutes or a message that just states I won’t find a game (not actually what it says).

Now if I do happen to find a game it is absolute torture, I’m on between 200ms - 400ms connection against players that seem to be either way better or much better coordinated than my team and we lose by a lot. Majority of the time I can go positive and perform well but it’s an absolute gruelling experience. To top it off most of the time it feels like my teammates haven’t played the game before. Some examples of ridiculous games are that in Land Grab where a team can win 11-1 or even 11-0. That’s absolutely ludicrous.

Or I’ll try to play BTB, still be on an absolutely shocking connection yet play as a solo or in a duo and match a ten player stacked team. So now I have to not only deal with players that don’t seem to represent the level of skill for the match-up but I have to do it on a poor connection against a well coordinated team that do represent the level of skill I play at, sometimes even higher.

I don’t want to bag on 343, but I also can’t handle being in these kinds of matches anymore. It’s absolutely draining my joy and happiness.

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This account is not the one I play on. It’s another account. 343 accused me of cheating and even though I did not cheat (which I have no idea how you cheat), they banned me with no warning or even ability to appeal.

So, I play on a separate account. That’s the one with the stats I mentioned.

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You would think a 1.78 K/D with average of 14 kills per game would warrant a better than 38% win streak ya know. :slight_smile: Thanks for responding.

Just because you kill well doesn’t mean you win every game though. Unless every game you’re playing is Slayer that is.

I think it’s because of the type of sbmm. If you have a 1.77 k/d you must be pretty damn good so the game will give you extra bad teammates, making it extra hard to win even though you’re doing really well individually.

I know MCC doesn’t use TrueSkill2 as its skill assessor nor TrueMatch for its matchmaker.

I believe the MCC uses TrueSkill1 for its skill assessor; at least, in its social environment. And perhaps a more basic skill assessor for its ranked environment. I do know that the matchmaker lacks computer learning and features very loose search parameters.

I never did receive any clarity to the inquiry I had regarding whether its two environments use the same skill assessor system. The only confirmed response I got was that the MCC doesn’t use TrueSkill2 (skill assessor) or TrueMatch (matchmaker).