How is Halo Infinite's campaign the series' worst?

The weapons are less fun, the entire promethean faction of weapons sucked. The enemies and friendly AI both are TERRIBLE and terribly designed. Halo 5s PvE is the worst in the franchise by miles.

The only thing Halo 4/5 have over Infinite is level variety.

Wouldn’t call Halo Infinite’s campaign the worst. Though it definitely doesn’t stack up to the grandeur of anything from the Bungie era. Halo Infinite feels like a watered-down genericized Halo game. Which hey! Compared to the garbage that is Halo 4 and Halo 5 - I’ll take it!

Halo Infinite really struck me as mediocre with plenty of potential. Being on a new Halo ring I was really hoping to see a lot more variety of biomes, was also hoping for more large-scale battles between UNSC and Banished forces. Honestly just miss the Covenant, think they were a lot cooler than the Banished. Would like a more purist splinter faction of the Covenant to fight against.

i would agree they’re not that fun in halo 4 as they didn’t really do much but in 5 i think is where they did alot more, obviously theres the req weapons. unfortunately they used mtx as a method to get them but even so im more disappointed 343 just took most of the weapons the series had for the longest time out of infinite and didnt bring more ideas that reqs had, like the hunters cannon. how cool would it be to rip out a hunters cannon and use it against them,

And enemy variety.

And a story where things actually happen. These things may not have always been good ideas, but at least something was happening.

I was so bored near the end of Infinite that I was just finishing the campaign to have it over with. I have friends who had to stop after Escharum and never even fought Harbinger since they had no desire to pick the game back up.

I played halo 4 many times, despite its flaws. Infinite is just a slog.

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It’s completely fine if you prefer fighting Prometheans over Banished, but from what I’ve come across, people didn’t enjoy fighting Prometheans that much. An example is a lack of feedback, something about shooting metal just isn’t as satisfying as shooting Alien flesh. I commend HI where pieces of Banished Armor would break off when you shoot at it, similar to Halo 3 and ODST.

Regarding the Banished Sandbox, you’re right it is small compared to 5’s. But a small sandbox isn’t inherently bad, especially if those weapons can stand out and their functions don’t cominglie with each other. Halo CE for example, had a smaller sandbox than H4 but most of the weapons stood out to be unique, the Plasma Rifle drained shields and slowed down enemies, and the CE pistol was your utility weapon for mid to close range.

I can’t comment much on your experience with Banished Projectiles, each one of us has a different experience with Infinte. But what I do want to add, is the community would likely be more in favor of slower pace projectiles rather than hitscan/tracking weapons.

I would have liked there to be more unique enemies, but I was somewhat satisfied with what Infinite offered. The brutes return with the Jetpack Brute with the ravager and the tankier full-on berserk brutes. Then you had the AI utilizing different sandbox weapons such as the sentinel beam, heatwave, and skewer.

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There are a couple of things about the campaign that frustrate me. One, not being able to use Covenant/Banished Vehicles at the FOBs. I don’t care about the lore perspective, the map size is big enough to warrant the use of boosted vehicles, it would bring at least a bit more flexibility to how people play infinite.

And two, those Banshees. So, when you complete the mission “Pelican Down,” you spawn on the fourth island during the mission “Sequence.” I’m usually able to unlock the Wasp by that point because I’ve done all the side objectives available before then. But I can never enjoy it for longer than 30 seconds at a time before banshees start spawning in and harassing me.

I just wish I could fly around the map in a wasp and not have to constantly worry about being shot at by Banshees.

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Prometheans armor would break off too, infinite has much less feedback, enemies just fall over and die, other than destructable brute armor theres not much else. i think halo should follow the trend of how other games do battle damage, like elites could get their armor shot off too, maybe they could even get bullet holes, plasma burn, and energy sword cuts on their bodies. stuff to really make it look and feel these weapons can do some serious damage. they seem to have some for shock and forerunner weapons but not that much and not that great looking. it’s also very apparent the lack of animation in mp too.

maybe so but the banished weapons just dont give me that alien feel, they feel more like something the unsc could coble together. like the skewer is just a one shot sniper rifle, the mangler is just a revolver with a melee bonus, disrupter is a shock dart gun, and the stalker is just a combo carbine and beam rifle.

some of the more alien like weapons are just weird like the pulse carbine, at first it was really bad how shots couldn’t track for crap, now i heard it’s a bit better but still wouldn’t go looking for it. the ravenger is ok i kinda have fun with it just wish there were more good plasma weapons. the shock rifle seems more like a second sniper that can also emp which sounds cool but i think they should’ve done more not just with shock weapons but the other ammo types the covenant has like the spikes and needles.

me too but i think they could’ve done better with this.

Well i wasn’t, berserk brutes are so damn easy i dont know why they bothered including them, they feel like a separate enemy type compared to 2 and 3 where any of them could do it. speaking of jump pack brutes i just remember there aren’t any ranger type enemies because there really aren’t any space missions, something else infinite is missing, go figure. having the brutes and elites use human weapons wasn’t all to impresive since the flood did it way back in CE, also like i said with how the barren infinites sandbox is the enemies feel like their forced to use them, not just for the banished but for the unsc as well like were just using the bare minimum. some argue thats what they we’re going for but that just sounds like an excuse to me.


I agree with this more. I know its a limitation of the time, but CE’s campaign levels get so repetitive its frustrating. The liabrary is like the same hallway 15 times.

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One of my biggest gripes with 343s handling of their main games. Just tell a consistent story. Building from the one before and strengthening the previous game in the process.


To be fair, Halo CE’s original 25 mission narrative was heavily cut down to 10 missions as they had to make this game go from an RTS game to an FPS game.

Totally true, and from a storytelling perspective still a great game. Hell, given machine power at the time and the memory they had to work with they did a fine job. Playthrough still feels kind of monotonous to me though.

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343 hasn’t made a great campaign yet. Halo infinite was the closest they have come. There was a lot of potential, but in the end it was this: Drive/ fly here, kill a bunch of stuff. Then go somewhere else and do the same thing.

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if you look is good at the banished ships in the sky from the halo infinite campaign with something like that there can do something good also with it to make then also usefull for something good.

and you are right about that the campaign mode has a lot of potential left to make things good.
look is to other open world game’s there have use most of the potential from the open world setting when halo infinite has not done that at all its more a shame for the open world setting at all.

its sad there now drop the compleet campaign mode since there was still potential to redeem there selfs to make it still a good campaign mode by adding a lot off things in it and make it a good campaign mode what it needs to be with a lot of things to do.

For my own part, I have yet to play a “bad” Halo FPS Campaign. All of them have great gameplay and fun stories in their own way. Some games are stronger than others, of course, but everyone is, at the least, “good.”

My own personal list of “best” to “worst” Campaign for the FPS titles in the franchise is:

  • Halo 2: Anniversary
  • Halo 4
  • Halo Infinite
  • Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
  • Halo 3: ODST
  • Halo: Reach
  • Halo 5: Guardians
  • Halo 3
  • Halo 4: Spartan Ops

I also love both Halo Wars titles. I did not enjoy Halo: Spartan Strike and consider that a bad game. Never played Halo: Fireteam Raven or Halo: Spartan Assault.

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figured I’d jump in.
this is the first Halo campaign I gave up on after only a few hours in… and I’ve played all of them except for Halo Wars.
I’m not a ‘Halo fanatic’, but I’m definitely a ‘Halo guy’

…and it’s just bad.
there’s an immediate letdown with Infinite’s narrative when you realize that you aren’t playing the third and final act in the trilogy that started with Halo 4, but rather some odd, narrative mash-up that focuses on the storyline from Halo Wars, a completely separate series, and quickly brushes aside all the details and elements they’d set up with Halo 4 and Halo Guardians.
So for players that were invested in the story-arc of Cortana’s death in Halo 4 and her re-emergence in Halo 5 as the antagonist to Master Chief, Halo Infinite robs all those players of a fitting, emotional conclusion, quite a few of us have been around since the beginning and,… expected better.
Instead, 343 introduce the scary looking Banished, from Halo Wars, into the plotline of Halo 4/5 along with some other, new characters I’ve only seen on you-tube videos.
… and it all just turns into a giant, unfocused, unsatisfying mess.
The Banished are quite honestly about the most ridiculous, stereotypical ‘bad guys’ any video game, or movie for that matter, has ever used to play counter to the hero. Big, muscular ape-like things with bared lips and long, sharp canines and deep, gravelly voices that utter rote, bad-guy phrases like, “Who dares challenge the Supreme and All-Mighty Escharum in glorious battle. I am invincible!”
like I said… it’s just bad., laughably bad!

A Halo fan could almost forgive 343 for the vast, boring, and empty world they created for Infinite, their insistence that Infinite is a ‘live-service’ game… one nearly bereft of live-service, their guileless attempt at monetization… but it’s what they did to the story that really killed it.


you mean they should have catred to the 1 people that think h5 story is good?
My guy h5 actively retconned h4 ending, completely destroying everything that happened in h4. So by your standards h5 is not a sequel to h4. Its a new story that retcons the last one.

ODST’s camerawork alone makes it better than Infinite.

Halo Guardians didn’t retcon any of the story elements from Halo 4, in the same way that Halo Infinite hasn’t changed, for retroactive continuity, any of the events that happened in the previous 2 games.
The difference is, whereas Halo Guardians is a ‘direct’ sequel to the events that took place in Halo 4… Halo Infinite is a direct sequel to events that transpired in an entirely different game and uses it’s opening cinematics and first chapter of gameplay to literally ‘push’ aside the story arc it was suppose to conclude.
Instead, Halo Infinite introduces a completely unrelated narrative… without adequately finishing the main one.

That’s just bad form and immediately discourages any kind of further, emotional investment into the story because well, what would be the point, if the writer’s don’t seem to care enough to at least wrap up one storyline with a decent conclusion, why bother becoming invested in the next storyline.
Handling a narrative that way… intentionally disregarding the most basic premise in storytelling which is to reward the reader’s loyalty with a fitting conclusion… actually ‘demands’ the player/reader NOT immerse themselves into any further narrative because its’ shows them that none of it matters, it’s all just made up nonsense.

Halo 5 is actually an ‘excellent’ story and a phenomenal game, I’ve never understood the bandwagon dislike for it… I think maybe it started when people immediately began complaining about not playing the Master Chief throughout the whole game and, people being people, things just piled on from there.

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h5 didn’t retcon anything, as far as i know the story was just mis leading mostly due to ads but at least it feels like a lot more going on than infinite. infinite is just so boring i’ve played 5s campaign dozens of times over since infinites launch meanwhile i’ve only played infinites once. im just not interested in fighting brutes again instead of the prometheans, if infinite had both prometheans and banished that would be great but all it has is pretty much just one enemy faction to fight with nothing really new.

infinite also lacks a villain that really adds to to the game like halo 4 had the didact who gave us the prometheans, 5 had evil cortana who gave us the warden and the guardians and built up the prometheans more. all infinite gives us are brutes again, and the harbinger who only adds in the skimmers which feel just like replacements for the drones, am i supposed to be afraid of her army of squids in jet packs? yes i can see why the forerunners feared them.


That last bit didn’t age well :cold_face: