How is Halo Infinite free to play on Series X?

Does this mean you don’t need a Live Gold act to play, you can just download a Halo a infinite Multiplayer game/app from the Xbox store to play, both, or something else? I haven’t played campaign since before Xbox Live came out around 2004. Multiplayer is much more dynamic than campaign. Can someone help me out by clarifying what 343 means by free to play and kindly provide a link or 2 to official comments by Xbox or 343, as I haven’t found any detailed info. Thanks for the help​:pray:t3::+1:t2::+1:t2:.

The multiplayer will be free and will not depend on having Xbox Live Gold. The Halo Infinite campaign is paid.

Hopefully all the new players like it.

It’s free, the multiplayer is a seperate game in the store you can download at no cost. The campaign will still cost. Xbox have also changed the rules around xbox live gold, you no longer need it to play F2P multiplayer games. I’m not going to link you sources, if you want verification you can look on the xbox store and search for the news reports about that yourself, but that’s the situation. The multiplayer is monetised in other ways, but you have access to all game modes in the F2P multiplayer, only customisation options are monetised.

I have a few friends planning on using that feature for multiplayer since they aren’t big into Halo.