How is Discord Going To Help People Join A Halo Infinite Custom Game Server?

Since 343 in it’s Infinite Wisdom will not have a Custom Game Browser when Forge is released :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: So how is Discord going to help users join a Custom Game? I had a discord account when we did not have a Custom Game Browser for Halo MCC. I never was able to get people to join a Custom Game. I had to use BeerKegs Online Game Browser to get people to join a custom Game. ( it was awesome! )
BeerKegs browser is still up and running! ( )

So my question is how is Discord going to help people join a Custom Game Server
without having to ask people to join your Custom Game Server?

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I know the discord server Arena8s which is competitive based is going to be hosting 8’s for new competitive forge maps to play and test them to see how the competitive scene of players seem to enjoy or not enjoy.

Discord servers are great to gather people and host events. I’d say keep an eye out. I’m always curious to try out new maps and game modes and am truly excited to see what the community can create with this new scripting process.

Assuming that a large quantity of people join a Discord server, that could then be used in the place of the Custom Games Browser to facilitate the joining of Custom Games. It’s the same thing as a CGB, but unofficial and with more steps.

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A lot of people don’t/won’t want to jump through extra hoops like using external programs and services to play stuff in Halo.

Just 343 doing what it always does and makes sure you need to do 582356 things to actually play the game.


I agree it sucks that 343 is going to release Forge “WITHOUT A CUSTOM GAME BROWSER!!” I really don’t understand the logic!

It’s like buying a brand new car without tires! :rofl: You can’t go anywhere to show off your new car. ( In this case your new created maps! )

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Well, simply put, you can use Discord to join straight into someone’s lobby.

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Honestly I’m not sure. I don’t have any experience with discord. I plan to just mess around in forge a bit, maybe build a few maps or mini games and play them with my few friends while I wait for the browser.

Screw discord, and screw twitter.
I didnt even download the waypoint app.

Ouchies lol, getting my metamucil ready

Srsly, shouldnt we be getting updates and communication here, then with random tweets?

How many apps do you need to play halo, or stay informed?
Meanwhile socialization in halo has to be at an alltime low.
No lobbies, etc
No more clans or fireteams


Fireteams still exist, just, not in BTB which is bad.

We’ll get updates when they have something to show.

Lobbies… No idea tbh.


BINGO! Do they not realize that if you can’t find it, then you can’t play it?

It’s a good thing 343 isn’t a General Contractor. They’d (hopefully) build a beautiful house with marble floors and mahogany wall panelling, but decide not to put in Doors so you can actually go inside of it.

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