How is Co-Op Campaign not at launch?

Just wondering how a game can get delayed 1 full year and still they dont manage to have co-op… im sorry but if optimization plays a factor let me play co-op at 30 fps if its really that hard to do. also forge mode delayed … guys you had 365 extra days to have the game rdy…


They were too busy figuring out how to make multiplayer battle pass cost a fortune while making it a grueling grind for basically no rewards… even with the extra year, it appears that almost nothing is ready to go. It’s sad. Was really looking forward to jumping into a co-op campaign push right away. So far the game is a huge disappointment IMO.


Because campaign works very differently to other Halo campaigns.

If 2 players decide to split up, what happens when one dies? Do they spawn at the other person, which can drastically effect how a fight they could be in works, due to enemies spawning in different numbers and strengths depending on how strong you are?
Do they get their own checkpoints?
What if one player enters a story mission while another is exploring, does the other player get teleported?
If one player spends spartan cores, does the other also get the upgrade, or do they buy it themselves?


Very good point. Never thought about that. Must be much more of a challenge due to it being open world.

Sorry but they’ve been developing this game for how long? Should be released at launch, no development struggle is an excuse for a half baked release…

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Apparently, we wanted them to fix Craig the Brute, so they went and spent time making him pretty, which had a knock-on effect on every other feature they were working on for launch.

So it’s apparently our fault.


Because they determined that in order to get it to the place they want, it needs more time in the oven.

Given the complexity of the campaign and this being new territory, I’d rather them delay it. Plus staggering feature launches isn’t actually bad for them in the long run anyways. Software has a lot of moving parts to it.

Okay, so they should mothball the MP and single player, forge, and more, until this one particular module/feature is ready? that’s not how software works

Semi-open world game thats graphically impressive and doesnt load in chunks cause bad frame-rates I guess. And I suppose the fact that two spartans could be doing completely different missions changes things. Its a new game.

Speaking of Craig they actually put in a Easter egg of him doing a rock and roll tour on the ring

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I dont have any clue how the heck they would make coop work for an open world halo. So guessing that

Lol don’t kid yourself they make games for a living… delay it if it’s not ready, don’t trickle features while still charging full price as if they exist. How software works is completely irrelevant. Why defend this?

Okay, so how would you make the checkpoint system work then in coop

Because the complexity of making a game eclipses your ability to comprehend.

Aka it’s a lot of work.

It sucks, but what can we do besides stomp our feet and kick at rocks? If 343 says it’s not ready, then it’s not ready (considering how a lot of folks feel about things that 343 says is ready). Should they have delayed campaign to come along with co-op? Maybe, but it’s not going to happen. So I’ll just wait for it, I’ve made it this long just fine.

Like any other open world shooter??? Like Far Cry for instance?

let me break it down for y’all

past halo co-op expecicne its more on a linear path if you or the person your playing with dies they can respawn near you and handle the section your in now thats normal and fine but lets go to ifnitne

for missions this is normal and what we except from co op but lets add in the exploration side this is where it gets odd lets say your facing a high value tareget in one area and your friend is a good distance away and is near the next mission point now your friend dies to somthing now normal co op would let him spawn near you and here’s where the problems come in 1: he’d have to go all the way back to where he was since the area hes going to he hasn’t recaptured the FOB there and the closet FOB is a good distance from it. 2: he’ll get mad that he has to go all the back to where he was and have no easy way of doing it

now what would happen when both die? do the restart at your checkpoint or your friends’ if its the former then your friend would throw a fit and if its the latter you’d throw the fit

so yeah they cant just use the standard co op for infinte’s campaign they have to make a special version for this and that takes work to figure out how to handle the issues I just stated above

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Lol they’re making the game wait till it’s ready don’t half -Yoink!- release it and still charge full price they’ve already lied, we may not even get coop or forge. Their track record isn’t good at all. Other games that are open world have coop and they release fine. Are you forgetting they were going to release this almost a year ago??? Again how can you defend this ?

I legit loved Craig, and didn’t want him changed at all. The memes were hilarious, and if anything made me more excited for Infinite, not less.