How is 343's private flight of forge done?

343 made their update today about forge mode that stated the following.

“We are also making great progress on Forge. Indeed, we are already flighting Forge to a small group of community creators and working closely with them to ensure that all of you have a terrific experience creating, sharing, browsing, and playing Forge content. In the near term, we will continue to privately flight Forge as we develop it while also planning for public flight(s) later this year. We still have the goal of shipping Forge with Season 3.”

My question is how were this small group of community creators selected? And how/who will the the private flight of forge be selected?

Were they creators of popular maps in previous titles or part of some sort of forum? Being one of the people most excited to start using forge and creating content I would love to be a member of the group helping the development of this and wouldnt mind helping to find the bugs and issues but this group seems to have been selected in a strange way. Its clear by their announcement they aren’t members of 343’s staff but instead people from outside. It would be nice if we knew how to at least opt in to be possibly selected as one of these individuals.

Not to my knowledge - I also just rewatched the Halo 5 “The Sprint” Episode on the Cartographers they brought in for BTB maps and they didn’t really mention how they picked them back then.

But perhaps you can find some information on how it was done back then.

Basically you have to be pretty popular or well known i would assume. Its not likely they would just pick random people even if their forge skills are top notch.

Kinda sad tbh, any game thats able to build and design stuff iv came up with popular and very well suited designs. Not to mention iv got experience in coding in types of games that allow that form of customisation.

But unless youre well known or a popular streamer im afraid you have no chance

Im figuring they must be popular streamers they reached out to. But even though they are popular does that necessarily mean they are suitable for providing appropriate feedback or contributions to 343?

I feel their best course of action to ensure they get quality feedback of how the forge should work and it’s issues would be selecting users that have high quantities of time using forge in previous titles. Especially the users with the most highly rated maps. If they’re available.

That’s only assuming of course those users are actively playing infinite. But if they’re offered to participate even if they aren’t playing infinite I’m sure at least some of them would be willing to participate even if they’re not planning on actively playing infinite in the forceable future. They are the ones that would be best suited for feedback and trial. Not streamers.

If they provided the ability for users to opt in for testing they could get most of the users that actually plan to be using forge the most in the future to be the ones giving them feedback. That would give them a wide and plentiful source of good feedback from the users that have the best input on forge. Using a questionnaire through email could reduce the amount if info for feedback. Like performance, clipping, glitching, and finish off with final comments from the user for anything not listed in the questionnaire

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Well see the issue with most popular creations is theyre usually meme and wacky maps like an obstacle course.

I do think the best option would of been to allow people to apply and show a piece or two of their work. I personally specialized in the 4v4 mlg styled maps back in the day, wasnt that popular as not many people wanted a competitive custom game.

But sadly we have to wait till season 3 now, at least we know it will be good, especially if all the leaks are right

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I doubt it will be streamers - those kinds of flights come with NDAs and streamers therefore would not be of benefit to them. In Halo 5 they had forgers directly at their HQ to do maps for H5 BTB. I think they would have selected people who did maps that made it into regular playlists before.

It might be different with flights shortly before release (to get some hype going) but it’s likely too soon for that.

That is true. But they can just continue searching through the maps and find plenty of standard gameplay maps. That’s how they found the ones they selected for permanent additions to playlists afterall. But still i would love to participate in help with development. And could provide them my input of things not placing where and how I’d like them to which I’ve experienced in previous games :frowning: