How I would make sprint work with classic halo

I would nerf jumping while sprinting so that map design is focused on base movement jumps. I would enable hipfire shooting while sprinting so that combat is not disconnected from “moving faster”. Add those to the already in place mechanics, no shield recharge while sprinting and no sprinting while taking damage and i think sprint could work with classic gameplay. i would only make sprint 20% faster than base movement speed.

also off topic, thruster would not fit in with classic halo so i would nerf that a lot or get rid of it. if kept in, i would make it physic based so that it cant just instantly change your direction, it should only enhance your current velocity so that it is a lot more predictable as to where a player is going to thrust to. halo 5 thruster is too chaotic.

Feel free to share your idea in The return of classic movement mechanics?