How i would like to see challenges updated

First off, NEVER force people to play Ranked, its unfair to actual players trying to win and get a good rank when some people just want to knock them out and not get yelled at for not being that good.

Second MORE Point based of cumulative challenges, would love to see the ones like “Get xx objective medals” or even “Play xx minutes of Infinite”

Third MORE completion based challenges, have winning just be an xp bonus by default, I currently have 3 WIN based Ranked challenges and I suck at the game lol.

What do you guys think would be awesome to add to help spartans rank up?

EDIT: Less limiting challenge exclusively to PVP. Thats what challenges specific to game modes could be for, having to get 25 melees ONLY in PVP is very annoying when I have bot bootcamp i can do it in without throwing the game IMO


Hmm… A quick idea of mine:
Change the challenges to just unlock the week unlock.
Make weapon challenges category based, precision, explosive etc.
Never do ranked.
Make gametypes generic, get 3 objective points a match etc.
Make the XP just 10-20% of your score + medals, 10xp per maybe?
Be able to unlock all challenges at once, not just 3-4 at a time.


Great ideas, personally I think the weekly unlocks should just be thrown into the battle pass or saved as free customization items for players to unlock. Hate knowing ill never get a gun skin because I didnt win 10 ranked games on a random week

I would very much like it if they had more ranked challenges. It’s nice to see people stepping out their comfort zone and I’ve seen some players be pulled into the appeal of ranked and HCS this weekend. I want more ranked playlists so the population needs to be strong for that.

Wouldn’t be so bad if it came back on a rotation. Sort of like the MCC shop.

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So much yesss!! h ttps://


I like culminative score, win games and kills.
For MCC we had multikill challenges, and these are very achievable in Infinite, so put those in.

Weapon challenges should only be a campaign thing, you can’t explore the sandbox fully for weapon challenges in MP. Period.

Ranked should never bar the Weekly challenge, but it can exist for players to go the extra step for season pass progress.

Score should do this instead :
Earn 10k score, you get 1000xp.
The sooner you fill this 10k up, the sooner you get 1 tier progression.

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Geez, so you want players to just not have fun so theyre forced to play something they dont like? Playing a fun unique game mode is completely different from forcing them to play against super competitive players just for some xp/

Enjoy having people quit when they don’t get the mode they want or the game is going downhill fast…

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It’s okay, I’m too far into Onyx for that to be a problem.

That’s what you think…

Nope that’s just the reality.

Well that’s you. What about everyone else? Personally I’m in diamond and I hate ranked. Only got this rank for the achievements and challenges.

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You have to understand, FORCING players to explore ranked is NEVER a good thing. People hate having to be herded to play things. So what if they might like it, people just hate being told what to do, and making people clear Ranked challenges for Ultimate weekly is doing just that.

Giving people INCENTIVES to play ranked is what needs to be done. Ranked emblem stickers? Who wants that? But release a Ranked weapon skin and coating set? Mmm yes, people might want that cosmetic and play ranked.

This is what LoL has done from the start by the way. Their Ranked gold every season will award a Victorious Skin, which is usually a pretty well made skin with good effects to show off.

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Ranked is very fun.

It’s not about being good at the game, it’s about having more balanced games which usually means people have a hard time, especially at first. By playing it more regularly players may find how fun it can actually be. Or they won’t, but at least it gives them a fair shot at trying it.

No-one has to do the challenges, so it’s no big deal. I don’t complain when I get Fiesta challenges, I just play Fiesta. If I really didn’t want to then I wouldn’t.

he’s your typical snobbish elitist ranked player he doesn’t care about others he only cares about his superficial number on his screen that marks him a onyx… which is honestly kinda wierd because silver and gold last i recall are way more valuable than oynx.

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It’s not about being other people it’s about me and my shiny superfical number that marks me as Onyx… in ranked… it’s all about me…

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Yeah Overwatch has good incentive. Higher ranked players make quicker progress towards Gold weapon skins but any player can earn them through regularly playing and winning games of ranked over time.

It would be better if they had something like that in place.

Ah yes you’re one of those “well it doesn’t bother me cuz I’m good” people lol. Not everyone likes ranked, sorry dude

Yea? But Ultimate rewards are not gold weapon skins.
They are drip feed skins which players desire. Overwatch has lootcrates dropped from weeklies left right center that gives us cosmetic unlocks.

Dude of all your trash takes on this forum, defending Ranked barring of Ultimate weekly has got to be the worst one.