How i want halo 5 to look part 4 Competitive

Halo 4 in my opinion has been working its way up to a competitive game again at first when halo 4 launched the game was made clearly for casuals but now it seems like their starting to appeal to casual and competitive however it should not take lets see 3 months just to get a 4v4 competitive playlist. It should be there from the start. In this forum i will be talking about what i want for halo 5s competitive scene how it should work you can check out part 1 here part 2 hereand part 3 here.

Ok so i believe a game needs to focus on casual and competitive a 50 50 split so in order to do that u need 5 things

  1. Good in game ranking system

  2. A good strong company that hosts halo tournaments

  3. Good competitive settings

  4. Ranked and social playlist

  5. Good amount of money

I will first be covering the ranking system as this is what is failing in halo 4 currently.

Ranking system: Ok halo 4 as it is right now doesnt have a in game competitive ranking system you need this because a good in game ranking system for ranked playlist will do 3 things.

  1. Encourage winning and helping your team more than just going for stats

  2. Have something to strive for and not get bored

  3. Something for people who dont go to events to get

In order to do that we need to have a ranking system that has 1-50 ranks in game for individual skill ranked playlist and a division system like star craft and league of legends for team based. Also competly remove jip for ranked playlist but keep for social.

Ranked playlist:

Team throwdown- Use division system

Rumble pit: Use 1-50 ranks

Team Snipers: Division System seperate from throwdown, dubs, and grifball

Grifball (I believe is a competitive playlist if there is teams involved trying to win this should use its own division system seperated from team throwdown and team dubs).

Swat: Own Division System

Solo team slayer (Only allows you to que up by your self) 1-50 ranks

Team Doubles: Division system seperated from team throwdown and grifball

How the division system should work:

Noobs Division: Must Play 20 Games and win 50 % of those games to go up to iron division next week if they fail to win 50 % of their games they will stay at noobs division. i.e they must win 10/20 games or more to go up to iron division.

Iron Division: Must Play 25 Games and win 60 % of those games to go up to bronze division during the next week. i.e they must win 15/25 games.

Bronze Division: Must play 30 games a week and 70 % of those games to go up to Onyx Division i.e they must win 21/30 games.

Onyx: Must play 35 games a week and win 80 % of those games to go up to Silver Division i.e they must win 28/35 games

Silver: Must Play 40 Games a week and win 85 % of there games to go up to Gold Division i.e they must win 34/40 games.

Gold : Must Play 40 Games a week and win 90 % of those games to go up to masters division i.e must win 36/40 games.

Masters: Must play 45 Games a week and win 95 % of games i.e they must win 42/45 games to go up to the highest division Legendary.

Legendary: Congratz your team has earned the highest rank in the game you no longer half to play games each week to rank up the rank stays forever.

This is for playlist like team throwdown, snipers, swat, and grifball i believe for this believe playlist you should only make it so full teams get matched up with other full teams those requiring you and your friends to make a team of 4 to compete and get a division rank for your team. <mark><mark>So make it so you are only allowed to que up with 4 people for those playlist to encourage teamplay.</mark></mark> .

Making a team: So there should be a section by the ranked playlist that says create a team letting you create a team for any team based ranked playlist you than should be able to make your team name, create its emblem, put a description for your team, and than let you invite people to join. <mark>For people who dont want to have a team they can play solo team slayer or any of the individual skilled playlist but make it so u must have a team in order to play those playlist this will make the game more competitive!</mark> So lets say you have a division ranking of onyx in team throwdown that doesnt mean you have a division of onyx in every other team playlist it means you must create another team to get a rank for another playlist.

How 1-50 ranks should work:

Rumble pit: 1-50 ranks in game make it so the system only matches you up with similar ranks like this. 1-5, 5-9, 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-47, 48-50. The system should be based of placing so lets say i get 3rd place i dont go up or down i stay at the current rank im at. If i get 2nd place than my progress for that rank goes up about 50 % but i still dont advance to the next rank it will require me to get 2nd or 1st the next game to go up. If i get 1st than i automatically go up 1 rank. However if i get 4th-6th place than i go down a little bit but not a whole rank so if i get 4th-6th place again the next game i will go down. if i get 6th-8th place i automatically go down 1 rank.

Solo team slayer: Use 1-50 ranks and make it so you can only que up by your self it should que for ranks similar to you like this: 1-9, 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-44, 45-50 Make it based if your team wins or loses. So if you win you go up and you lose 2 games you go down 1 rank.

Good company that hosts tournaments

Agl is a very good company at hosting tournaments however the prize pools are not large enough for people to spend the money to travel out there and compete agl needs to make it so 1st place: Gets 20,000 dollars minimum for each tournament 2nd place gets: 10k 3rd place: gets 8k and so on. 343 and agl most do 3 things to make tournaments fun and successful.

  1. Have a announcement when someone goes on halo 4 about the agl and tell them where they can watch the stream this will create more viewers watching it.

  2. Make tournaments 2 months apart. Give players time to rest and get better for next event.

  3. Have a larger prize pool for bigger events.

Good Competitive Setting

Team throwdown: Settings are great right now just add no sprint and make maps built for no sprint in h5 and add descope.

Rumble pit: Same settings used for throwdown however enable radar

Team snipers: Same settings for snipers we have now just dont add a magnum and enable sprint.

Grifball: Keep settings we have now add new maps and keep sprint enabled

Swat: Same settings now just remove sprint

Solo team slayer: Same settings as throwdown

Team doubles: Same settings as throwdown