How I think the playlist/games should be in H4

best thing to do with H4’s playlists:
Hardcore-Would basically be ranked playlist there would no AA’s here (has slayer,objective,BTB,and FFA gametype and has no AA’s would play like the classic playlists)
Classic-Plays like the H3 gametypes and even has (includes oldstyles of gametypes like infection and griffball no AA’s would be here either plus health would not be present either also has slayer,objective,BTB,and FFA playlist living dead and griffball also have their own playlist)
New style-Contains AA’s and plays like Reach (containing health and Reach’s other gimicks and has it own playlist as well including THE ARENA (for those that like it) and invasion. Plus has the above playlist as classic and hardcore but again with reach’s gimmicks.

no one?