How I got the Rarest Weapon Skins in the Game

The Adrenal Skin Line up was given out as a Monster Energy Promo back in Late 2020
Having skins for the AR the Br The Commando and Sidekick
The promos were meant to be beside the release of the game but Covid hit so they postponed it.
Well the 343 decided to go ahead with the promos since why not. The thing is no hype really was
built around these skins and since the game was postponed and the marketing was pushed back a little
Noone really was focused on Halo or these skins At the time.

.All promos were scheduled to end before the new year some earlier then others.
.The UK had a easy way to get all the skins since they only had to buy enough monster cans to unlock them
so I will leave them out of this video but with that.

Ill show you how they were obtained

Firstly the assault rifle.
This skin I believe is only available to the UK since I could not find a way to obtain it in the US.
If you have information on this topic please comment below.

Next we have the BR
The BR was given out after you’ve completed a series of Snapchat events. Starting in Sept and having a
deadline of the New year you had to complete them to get codes and then put those codes into a promo
website which then gave you a code back to put into Waypoint.

Next we have the Sidekick
This one might be a little rarer since you could only get it from a receipt code from a participating
meijer store. Meijer stores i noticed were only located in the northeast of the US so a lot of people
missed this promo. You had to then text the word UNLEASH to a phone number which will then prompt
you to send your code.

And finally we have the Commando which was pretty easy to get since there were a lot of stores that
had a Receipt code for it.

I made a video on this matter here so you can see
How I got Halo Infinite’s Rarest Skins - YouTube