How I feel Halo Infinite is so far

So, as this weekend’s flight comes to a close I would just like to give some of my thoughts about what I’ve experienced so far (playing on xbox btw). A lot of the glitches and bugs that I experienced during the first flight were fixed for this one which was nice to see, unfortunately the options menu and things like that still kinda flickered or flashed when opened during a match.
The weapons all sound good (except maybe the warthog chain gun, that sounds a bit weak) and the movement is nice and smooth. Which unfortunately cannot be said for the aim, which is about the worse I have ever experienced in a first person shooter, especially one with crossplay. The aiming needs to be smoothed out and I really think the aim assist needs to be increased. I noticed a handful of players who were “good” that were playing on console but that doesn’t compare to any of the players on PC that I encountered, who pretty much stomped everyone playing on console. I plugged in a keyboard and mouse to give it a shot only to realize that aiming with a mouse is broken on console and you cannot look around. It feels like this Halo game has been designed specifically with keyboard and mouse in mind, with things like the pistol fire rate being almost impossible to max out on controller and with the poor aiming on controller, things like the sniper, skewer and shock rifle become very difficult to use.
Now that’s enough complaining about the aiming, let’s talk about some weapon balancing. The AR is quite good compared to previous games where it’s actually viable to use, the TTK with it is alright, feels a little short at times, and feels longer others. The pistol is pretty devastating up close, especially if you hit headshots, it’s decent at range too. The BR is decent too but the TTK is definitely a bit too long, it feels like one of the longest out of the weapon pool. The VLK is pretty good, feels well balanced. The heatwave and bulldog are pretty weak, and as a result I hardly see anyone using them. The needler needs better tracking too, it seems pretty weak and is easy to out strafe it.
The equipment is pretty fun, especially the grappleshot. Speaking of the grappleshot, it’s pretty much a free highjack with vehicles, which I’m a bit worried about. I didn’t get placed on the new map that much today, but when I did vehicles weren’t used that much, and when they did, the user changed often due to how easy it was to highjack them. I think the range to highjack them either needs to be decreased just a bit (just the range to highjack vehicles, the mobility range of the grappleshot is fine), or vehicles need some sort of counter, cause as it stands it’s way too easy.
Speaking of the range of things, I think the motion tracker needs to receive a bit of a buff, you only really see enemies that are right on top of you and it can be a bit difficult to tell if enemies are above/below you. I know I’ve seen people mention a reach-style arrow system and I agree that as a solution, but the range definitely needs to be increased.
I really enjoy the addition of training matches which allows you to mess around with bots and learn the maps on top of the firing range, I feel like these additions will help newer players get up to speed quicker and let them experiment in a more controlled environment.
I think I’ve touched upon everything I wanted to, hopefully 343 will look at all the player feedback and that the future flights will have some good improvements.

Totally agree with your point on the aim assist. There’s none. We need more. It feels like my aim is all over the place on console.

Agreed with what you are saying, aim assist for controller needs to be re-looked at.
Some weapons firing speed need to be re-looked at compared to controller/mouse. I tried both and like you said, pistol is just hands down better using a mouse.
Another thing that was posted on reddit and I agree with that there needs to be done about the ability to strafe back and forth super quick using keyboard, but not on controller for obvious reasons.

I agree. I’m a veteran Halo player and a Diamond player in Halo 5 along with being near the top of the board in Halo MC and I can get absolutely trashed on by PC players with the aim assist. Still a fun game but I don’t enjoy getting perfect shotted all the time when it’s so difficult to hit things consistently with a controller.

The needler for mid range should have a little more tracking but needler up close is WAY too powerful. There isn’t any gun that beats it 1v1 besides like rocket launcher. Needler is overpowered close range.

I disagree with the more aim assist comment. I play on PC but use an Xbox Elite 2 Controller. I preferred the controller over keyboard and mouse (but play other games with keyboard and mouse.) The added assist of hit splashes in the opponents shields really help you make adjustments to where you are shooting. When your shots are hitting, the game feels really good. It will be really interesting to see how mouse and keyboard compare to a game made for a controller.

Take your points completely. AA has been piled on already, so I have nothing to add. But I agree with other points as well. Haven’t figured out what Bulldog and Heatwave want to be, but I miss a regular old shotgun, which has always been a Halo staple in my mind. Radar doesn’t feel quite right, to me, either. Didn’t get a chance to play with the hogs but your concern about carjacks is a good one. Will be interesting to see how it plays out next weekend in BTB.

I can not wait to play.