How I can parse the field TotalTimePlayed c#

Hello I’am using c# and I want to parse the TotalTimePlayed field to DateTime but I don’t know I can do this.
I don’t know the string format of the value of this field.

Can anyone help me please?

Thank you

I solved by myself this problem.
I needed to use
XmlConvert.ToTimeSpan() method.

In case people reading this thread are using PHP instead, here’s a way to convert it to a format of your choosing.
I had to remove the period because it prevented the DateInterval function from recognising the format.
The if statement is there in case you don’t want to show the days in the time played if the player hasn’t played more than a day worth of game time.

> $player[‘time_played’] = explode(’.’, $record[‘arena’][‘Results’][0][‘Result’][‘ArenaStats’][‘TotalTimePlayed’]);
> $player[‘time_played’] = new DateInterval($player[‘time_played’][0] . ‘S’);
> if($player[‘time_played’] -> d == 0){
> $player[‘time_played’] = $player[‘time_played’]->format(’%hH %iM %sS’);
> } else{
> $player[‘time_played’] = $player[‘time_played’]->format(’%dD %hH %iM %sS’);
> }

have you checked out the wrappers on github?