How I believe we can fix Infinite

Edit 1: I previously attempted to post my changes to Reddit in an attempt to reach more people but that got downvoted massively. Twitter next? Anyway I made some edits and added some stuff. If you have more ideas, please comment them as I’ll add them to my list, with credit and all.

There are multiple different problems for Infinite about progression and cosmetics. I believe there are ways to fix that that wouldn’t impact the already established systems.

First let’s deal with progression. Progression in Infinite is a massive problem. We only get 50xp per match. Best thing I recommend for a fix? Give XP per kill, objective, and medal. Of course the higher the medal, the higher the XP count. Keep in the challenges but give us a reward-per-match. It’ll give the playerbase an incentive to actually play the game outside of doing challenges and having fun.

Second let’s deal with the cosmetics. We all know 343 are going to keep the store, battlepass, and all that stuff. So instead of outright removal, let’s improve it. Make it so that players can create custom armour coatings out of obtained ones. I recommend doing this via the image of the armour coatings as it would open up the possibility for players to make THEIR Spartan. I would also recommend doing this with weapon coatings however looking at the way that works it seems more difficult to introduce.
How about some custom armour kits as well? Wouldn’t it be badass to have some custom presets that turn your Mark V(B) armour coating into a ODST just like that, without having to go through multiple different menus?
Addressing the problem of free armour. Yes armour is unlockable for free via the free BP tiers and Weekly challenge but here’s another idea. Cross-game unlocks. By that I mean being able to unlock maybe a armour piece from a Halo Infinite-MCC challenge. Like “obtain all S1 armour” unlocks a armour set or something? I know my example sucks but imagine the potential.

Here’s an idea taken from rootbeerener (in replies below). Their idea proposes a TF2 style unlock system where some of the classic armours can be unlocked via achievements. I would personally add to this by not limiting it to classic armour. On this note here’s another idea, tutorial armours. Armour that you very easily unlock by playing through the tutorial. It could only give you another set of pieces but I think by introducing that we can bypass the problem many have with the current system (all looking the exact same).

I know some will see my solutions as controversial as I don’t follow a “start anew” policy but I think by building upon what 343 have established this game will be really good.

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Good ideas! I could get behind it!

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I would recommend going a TF2 route and mixing it with just making the challenges less specific/worth more.

so you have some of the classic armors be unlockable through achievements. it would be similar to how TF2 has a successful microtransaction scheme but older cosmetics are also unlocked through achievements.

then for the challenges you make them less weapon/vehicle specific and worth 500xp or 350 xp each and give 100xp for game completion and 1-250 for performance. this would greatly increase the speed of unlock. true people would get through the battle pass before season end but not as fast as some would think.

I do like the coating idea you presented as well.


That sounds like a really good idea! I agree