How HCEA MP Should be * Halo CEA: Classic Multiplayer Discussion *

As we all know, the Halo CEA disc will feature Reach’s multiplayer, but it won’t feature any map from Reach, so then there should be one or more playlists in a hopper that are only avaible to people with two things: The Reach Title Update and the new multiplayer maps, so if someone is too lazy (or too exited at the time), he should be able to access to the Halo Anniversary hopper via the CEA disc without installing the 7 maps to his HDD.

There should be a option for EVERYONE to play Classic Halo multiplayer mode as soon as they get their Halo CEA copy, but if they don’t want to, they can play campaign, or then install the maps and play default or classic MP with the Reach disc.

Halo CEA should get you to the next playlists straight away (also for the small percent of reople that don’t own reach), in the only hopper that it has:

Team Classic (a 4 vs 4 on the 6 new maps) And Firefight (4 vs [insert epic enemies here] on the new FF map).

Both with classic settings on of course.

By classic settings, the TU comes in handy:

Melee Bleedthrough (very very likely)
No Bloom__*__ (very likely)
No Fall damage
Nerfed Grenades (one frag never kills you when you got full shields)
No AAs
Classic Base Traits (115%** Speed, 125% Jump, 150% Gravity and 100% melee)

<strong>The reticule of the DMR/NR should be like it is when the first shot is fired, and not with pin point accuracy, this is to not turn them into a snipers, also the fire rate should get lowered to promote at least a 2 second kill time for the DMR and 2.2 second for the NR *</strong>
<strong>I’m not sure if HCE had a faster moving speed than Halo 2, but one thing is sure, 115% is what Halo 2 had, since I made a test with 110% and 120% in Reach vs Halo 2 deafult speed on ivory tower and reflection (hopefully scaled the same), and I came to the conclussion that 110% still loses to Halo 2 by about a second, and 120% wins it by a second (not very accurate but still, 120% is too fast) **</strong>
When the Reach disc people install (or get) the maps they should get the same features as the CEA disc people, and maybe more maps (reflection for team classic anyone? )

Please, don’t look at this thread as a speculation fest, but instead as a thread from soneone that loves classic Halo, so please play nice, and discuss on if you think that this acutally makes a lot of sense and might/should happen.

Now this topic I am going to like.

May I mention the following, it is unknown as what 343i mean by ‘Classic’.

They are remaking Halo CEA but we have a confirmed Halo 2 remake.

The problem with that is, is about Fall Damage, unless they are going to have it toggleable for certain maps/playlists featuring Classic Settings, it won’t make sense.

Halo CE has fall damage but Halo 2 doesn’t.

It’s going to be tough for 343i to get this little problem sorted out.