How hard is it to match people with similar skill?

I don’t understand why. Every Warzone or Arena game I play, the enemy always ends up cleaning our team out, and my team (no offense) tends to run around like headless chickens firing aimlessly at every wall they can find.

In all honesty, I just wanna be matched with people of similar KDA/KD/Overall Stats in the mode I’m playing in, and this isn’t a one time thing either. I get matched like this ALL THE TIME.

So please 343, just start matching people in similar skills.

Think it’s less a matter of individual player skill and more that you’re probably going in solo. This happened to me but the moment I started going in with fireteams we began to consistently win games. Warzone’s about adaptability. Arena is about coordination. Both have heavy roots in communication, and throwing 14 players who don’t communicate at even a 6 person team who’s calling out and working as a cohesive unit isn’t going to end well for Team #1. I agree that matchmaking does have problems in that it punishes players who try to play on their own, but I’d call that out more as a problem with the community not talking to one another nearly as often as they did in the Halo 3 era and not with the skill match ups.

A LOT of the time I still get randoms that have yet to be placed in a bracket and those matches are really hit and miss. Otherwise things are ok.

That said, day 1 team slayer - I got matched in gold, and evey other thing I’m matched in platinum despite having a 9-1 w/l in team slay on that first day.

I posted a thread on this earlier, I agree it’s frustrating. I went 3 matches in a row with crap teams earlier today

Teams are unbalanced in warzone, especially assault. Maybe 1/5 matches are equal.
Equal in a sense that both teams tried hard made it to the core and almost won by a couple seconds.

The other 4/5 you get destroyed.
Teammates doing pretty much nothing…

Than you compare player stats and understand why it was a blowout.

I haven’t been in any much even games period. something has to change its not even fair, my team gets cleaned out and what makes it worse I’m always paired up with quitters. please 343 even things out.

I hate these matches. I usually check out when the enemy kills the first legendary boss and captures the middle base and my team is still fiddling with the first normal boss. I usually end up dying a lot from getting team killed at the legendary boss or middle base since I’m there alone.

At that point I just take in the scenery of the map and wait for my free req points. :slight_smile:

You can usually tell if its a match your going to win or lose in the first 5min. Warzone rarely has close matches for anyone.