How hard is it to get DMR?

I’m level 50 and I have collected all my common and uncommon REQ qualification cards. So I should get higher chances of rares (base DMR permanent is rare) and I even boiled down the best way to get it.

Silver has Common >> Uncommon >> Rare
Gold has Uncommon >> Rare >> Ultra Rare >> Legendary

So Silver packs have a higher chance of getting rares considering you don’t have to worry about ultras and legendaries. I’m getting close to collecting nearly all the rare permanents… I swear these DMRs are going to be the very last rare perms I get. I switch up every so often and get some golds when I have enough, and here’s my luck… I have 2 legendary and 2 ultra rare DMR weapon skins! For a weapon I don’t even have.

This is getting annoying because in Warzone when the REQs start getting high everyone whips out their DMRs and I have to scavenge the ground for one. It’s a very effective weapon that would help me out a lot seeing how I usually play defender/boss sniper. But the game won’t let me have it.

Is the DMR really this hard to get? Or am I unlucky?

well i am level 70 with 6 or 5 skins for the dmr and i also have nearly every common to rare unlocked so i guess we are just very unlucky because i have friends that got it on their first pack

It’s not how hard to unlock, but how lucky in the draw. I have 2 DMR that I unlocked around SR 30. I’m at 64 and haven’t unlocked one since.

im a level 52 and don’t have it either, my guess is that everyone who has one got it on the first day, and those who dont have to play to level 120

Just keep opening silvers man. I am level 39 and fully expected to have to wait till at least 50 to get one but surprise surprise there was one sitting in a silver. I was very happy