How happy are you with the current progression/XP system [POLL]

People say progression is slow.
It’s week 2 and I’m Rank 71

bs. bet you bought the extra tiers.

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I bought a lot of Rockstar and had 2xp.
If I was gonna buy tiers I would go to 100

Would you rather see different challenges, or performance based xp?

Not trolling or anything, just genuinely trying to be constructive.

Edit: I haven’t seen people intentionally playing like jerks for challenges, but again it’s unsurprising.

If rather see performance based XP. They already have a score system. Just scale it down by certain amount, and have that be awarded as XP. I’ve seen some people suggest scaling down by a factor of 10, which I’d think is fair. But I’d settle for less. I just dont think challenges should be the main way you get XP.

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There definitely needs to be something to reward good performance.

Whatever system gets used to calculate xp gains, they could add a bonus for how many unique medals you get, which I believe would encourage using different weapons and equipment.

Right now, it’s just time invested plus challenges.

Only thing is, they’re trying to stretch this battle pass until May. Even at the current rate, I will probably finish it before February.

It’s likely the suggestion has been made already, but complimentary Credits included in the battle pass(es) / Event pass(es), or as rewards from particularly special challenges would be welcomed greatly as well; if anybody remembers the Vidmasters from Halo 3 & ODST, I mean challenges like those.

Challenges that reward particular efforts, not just tedious nonsense like kill x amount of enemies, or kill enemies with x weapon(s) or x vehicle(s); we’ve already gotten enough of those in the current Season’s passes, and I’d be happy if I never saw another challenge of that type ever again in my life. Situational tasks such as those bore the ever living hell out of me. Surely 343i can do better; I know they can, we’ve seen them do it already.

They know this already, I highly doubt they didn’t expect this to happen when they thought of this whole progression system. They’ve have heard the community loud and clear. Wether or not they actually do enough about it to make the better part of the player base happen, guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
I feel like not even playing that much, because I just don’'t feel like I am being rewarded for my effort. For example;
If you manage to completely carry your team and get your team the win, while the rest of your team doesn’t do much and you still just get the 50xp. Feels so unsatisfying.

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I just stopped playing because my entire challenge deck can only be moved forward by playing big team, which I hate. I played six or seven miserable games in a row before quitting entirely.

Challenges like “kill with X commonly available weapon” or “get back smacks” or “get assists” are perfectly reasonable, but when you’re forcing me to play the game in a way I dislike just to slowly progress a battlepass with incomplete armor sets, I’m not sure how much I want to play the game at all.

If I got battle pass exp based on match performance, event pass challenges were in their own distinct category and couldn’t be blocked by standard challenges (???), and challenges themselves weren’t only possible to complete on one mode or one map or one playlist, I’d be having much more fun.

Also, I desperately want a dedicated Slayer playlist. I’d almost rather repeatedly dodge games until I either get Slayer or banned, whichever comes first.


I only played for a few hours on a couple of days, so I can’t remember specifics, but from what I remember there’s no point to progression or XP unless you buy the Battle Pass. I “unlocked” a few things but because I haven’t bought the Battle Pass, I couldn’t access them. 343i said they weren’t going to use FOMO… this, and the timed bundle in the store, is FOMO.

I don’t play enough multiplayer to justify buying the Battle Pass, so, as it stands, there’s no reason for me to play multiplayer. (Not complaining, just stating the facts of the matter.)

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