How Halo Reach should have ended. My Ending.

This is the way The World Ends… Not with a Whimper, but with a Bang.

Emile is shot in the chest point blank as Noble 6 looks up to see a general blast Emile’s torsos with a one handed shot from a covenant shotgun. noble 6 kills the elite General with a pistol Shot to the head after being captured. he breaks free and caps the elite general from 20 feet with a snap shot of his magnum.The surrounding elite guards grab hold of him with a roar as He is pinned to a broken wall with needle spikes put into his arms by the elites hulking body guards as they prepare to torture and crucify him for killing their leader. one of the elites grunts and pulls out a small plasma “honor knife” and stabs the spartan in the gut.

Noble 6 is dying and he has the detonator for a nuke on board the stealth Frigate “silence of the dark.”

The spartan on board signals that he is almost in range of of three covenant cruisers and one carrier hovering above the battlefield. the two smaller covenant battleships are doing patrols around the largest vessel which has docked several hundred feet above the planet and the gravity beam is hovering to the ground.the stealth ship uncloaks and unleashes a barrage of mac cannon rounds at the smaller cruiser causing it to break off from formation while taking heavy damage that punctures through it like a knife through butter…after doing so the recently uncloaked frigate makes a bee line for the carrier.

( The point of taking out the carrier is to stop it from intercepting the Pillar of Autumn which is making a high speed run low through a large canyon in able to gain enough speed to escape the gravitational pull of earth. )

The last surviving spartan on board the frigate finds out from noble 6 that the nuke detonator is out of arms reach ( since the Spartan’s arms are pinned to the wall ) so he attempts to ram the carrier but ends up only shearing off the top of the Covie ship and the bottom of his own.

glancing off the frigate he attempts to gain altitude for another pass to finish off the carrier with another more direct hit. The Frigate puts every last ounce of effort to gain altitude and gains several thousand feet before stalling out and spinning around while having its front ripped off from a laser blast from the remaining covenant support vessel.

The burning frigate falls back sideways to the earth hitting the covenant carrier directly amid-ship. The carrier is severally damaged and “stumbles” and begins to glide out of control.It catches itself with tractor beams projecting from its front and rear quarters. The carrier is stabilized, albeit at a low altitude.

Noble 6 is able to pull the needle shards out of his arms with some difficulty, as a dying emile throws him a plasma grenade. Emile dies as a plasma rifle round hits him in the head. Noble 6 sticks a grenade to the face of the elite holding him down and kicks the elite in the chest as the grenade detonates. he crawls over to the elite who took his detonator. The elite is still alive but gravely injured and reaches over to take the detonator off the ground before noble 6 does. The elite crawls over to Spartans feet and throws the detonator some 30 feet out of reach. the elite feebly raises a charged plasma pistol to finish him off but m spartan yanks out the needle shards and stabs the elite in the eye last second.

Noble 6 slowly crawls over to the detonator in agony as two phantoms land nearby. Several squads descend upon him as he bleeds out.

The spartan painfully props up a human sniper in front of him with the bi-pod and shoots them as fast as his injuries allow.

the damaged covenant carrier hovers in place at the entrance of a canyon several miles away, waiting for the autumn to appear. the autumn approaches in the distance as noble 6 grabs the detonator and hits the switch. it doesn’t work. he hits it again on the ground.

suddenly the covenant ship is split in two as the nuke from the wreckage of the frigate below it detonates underneath like a depth charge.

The covenant ship breaks apart and crashes to the ground as the autumn pulls up out of the canyon avoiding the nuclear fireball.

the remaining burnt out front covenant front part of the ship looms ahead and crashes down in front of noble 6 just missing him from a few hundred feet away as he looks down at his injuries, bleeding out from the stabbing and the wounds in his arms.

vision blurs. screen goes to fade.

a burnt and bruised captain of the covenant ship arrives to reap vengeance upon m spartan.

before they can kill him ODST’S come down in drop pods. They attack the covenant survivors. They seem to be winning until a surviving phantom touches down dropping in two hunters. the hunters are about to mess up the surviving ODST’S when Noble 6 looks up at them about to die.

He takes a deep breath and snaps down his cracked visor. he injects something into his chest for energy and powers up his shield as he steps up to the to bewildered hunters.

an elite with a sword appears from behind the left hunter with a menacing look on his face.

he laughs to himself briefly, as he lunges upwards towards the chest of noble 6 with the sword.

Noble 6 sidesteps with surprising speed and breaks the arm of the elite with a forceful blow snapping it like a twig.

he grabs the sword as it drops and lops off the both arms of the elite with an upwards motion for the left and downward sweep over the elites head for the right. The bewildered elite looks up at him with genuine surprise.

He mutters in Horror in a deep elite voice, “It cannot Be.”

He then quickly decapitates the elite with a sidewards sweep ending its life.

the stunned hunters snap out of a trance and move into action, realizing their leader is dead. the one on the right raises its arm and m spartan drops below it and swings upwards with the sword, cutting it off while hot plasma from the cannon drips on his suit.

he hits swings around behind the second hunter and breaks open its back armor exposing its midsection. He stabs with an uppercut and the lunges the sword into the side of its head. The hunter drops to the ground dead.

Noble 6 stumbles away assuming the hunter is dead only to be enveloped in green bath of lite from a direct hit from the dying hunters laser beam. the marine next to him is vaporized from another shot, and yet another is wounded as the hunter life leaves him. the hunter dies. oble 6 lies on the ground body ripped to shred beyond repair.

Pelicans come in and land nearby as several covenant ship drop in from above in the middle ground.As a warthog hits the dirt from the pelican it begins to engage a nearby wraith tank and a large scale ground battle begins…

The screen fades to black as Noble 6 blacks out. i] screen fades.*

cut-scene opens to a far away view of reach as it is pounded by the covenant glassing. Pillar of Autumn comes into view as a small dot and quickly gets bigger in the screen zipping past the viewer as the camera pans to follow it.

as the pillar of autumn prepares to jump you see it being followed by a small fleet of covenant ships moving at a blazing speed. The pillar of autumn jumps as it gets farther away from your view as the covenant vessels follow suit. There is silence. debris drifts by in the distance to the left and you see a nebula in the backdrop. small flashes in the distance indicate the rest of the covenant fleet has arrived. screen fades.

Credits roll. To be continued…

My ending…Emile dies and Noble 6 is like “crap” so he runs on the pillar of autumn and a grunt happens to be in control of the ship shooting at the Pillar of Autumn so as usual, the grunt messes up causing the Autumn to make a quick getaway :slight_smile: