How Halo Infinite can make money and not alienate it's fanbase

I suspect the Halo Infinite project could probably support itself indefinitely by only monetizing the gun charms, weapon skins, and overlay textures like rust and scratched paint. There’s a point somewhere beyond that which is just reckless profiteering, pushing the most inherently sustainable part of it’s own market away.

Hopefully the financial overlords of 343i, and their favorite hires, will realize they can/should keep their microtransactions off at least a couple things like changing colors, and mixing armor sets. It’s amazing they didn’t monetize the voices (yet. I wonder if someone had to fight really hard for that), but they restricted such fundamental elements to the fanbase of the franchise as these.

If you haven't seen it, on youtube there is a great video by SameToken from Jan 30 2021 ("Creating YOUR Spartan"), and it goes in-depth on the affect customization has on the franchise and the player base.

Allow cross-core customization & the ability to pick static primary & secondary colours with coatings being the paid premium option

That’d be a good compromise for me.

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