How Halo Infinite can improve and what are we missing?

How is it that, with every new Halo game, we seem to lose features?

Halo Infinite has been in developement for 6 years or longer and you have thousands of more features / content in a game like Halo 3, Halo Reach, or Halo 5, for example. How is this issue not in the spotlight? Or maybe it is.

I think Halo following the “free to play” multiplayer trend was the worst decision the developers could have made. Sure, It allows millions of players to download the game, try it, and possibly keep playing; but as we’ve seen, the population is dropping faster than a bowling ball. The entire free to play idea has created this “store” based progression system and has taken away from satisfying ways to actually EARN customization options.

The base game of Halo Infinite is great and I’m not here to complain about the game because I think 343 has done a great job with the actual in-game experience and has succussfully brought halo back to its roots while also managing to implement some next gen tec to keep up with the times. However, we seem to lose key features that make the game fun to grind.

Why not add weapon skins earned by getting kills, multi-kills, or sprees with that weapon?
For example:
Earn 500 kills with this weapon (gets unlock)
Earn 1000 kills with weapon (gets unlock)
Earn 100 double kills with this weapon (gets unlock)
Earn an OverKill with this weapon (gets unlock)

What happened to in-game profile achievements and progression? One of the best things about Halo was the profile progression. Earning your 46 Brigadier General or earning your 50 Five Star General by earning that rank and earning the experience to rank your profile up to that level was amazing. Halo infinite offers ZERO incentive to grind the game. I won’t even start my ramble on how much better the 1-50 ranking system was. Once you get Onyx, what is the point of continuing on?

Not being able to earn armor / skins / content for completing long-term achievements is a huge miss. These unlocks will always be far more coveted that any $5 store gimmick. What is important? Getting that $5 purchase in the store or keeping your population high and playing the game for a long time?

Back to the point of losing features, to list a few:

Does anyone remember the population counter and in-game world map showing where each player was playing from? I remember seeing the smallest dot in the middle of Africa and thinking it was so cool that someone was playing halo in the middle of nowhere. I guess 343 sees the population map as a liability.

Or the pregame map voting system? Why not allow the lobby to choose between three gametypes? You will quickly find out which gametypes are prefered over others and it allows the players to stay happy, for the most part.

What happened to the pre and post-game lobby chat with the other team? Sure, it can be toxic at times but allowing both teams to say good luck or good game, have a laugh or have at eachother for 30 seconds after the game was THE BEST PART of halo. What happened to this? It allows you to make friends and make enemies in the community and is something that is greatly missed.

Clans. Having 50 person clans in Halo 2 was an amazing feature. You would be in a clan with some of your best friends and also have the opportunity to meet friends of your friends that were invited to the same clan. It acted as an alternate friends list that bridged the gap between alot of people.

343 has come out and said that they will not be creating an “exact” replicas of previous maps. What is this about? Is it a licensing issue with Bungie? If this is the case, that is very dissapointing. Forge needs to come out before Season 3. If the only thing that is released in Season 2, after an 8 month long Season 1, is Co-op campaign, that is a huge fail. Does it take 8 months to implement Co-op campaign? Forge needs to release with Season 2 if Infinite wants to keep its player base numbers.

Overall, I think the playing experience is great. The game feels great and is fun to play. However, the implementation of a free to play, battle pass, weekly challenge system does not provide incentive to grind the game. We need profile exp and progression. We need need long-term achievements to earn items that are fun to grind for.

Done ranting. Peace.