HOW HALO FOUR WILL END.. calling it..

the new halo 4 soundtrack sample we got today is the song that will be playing in the very last minute of the game… and chief will be walking like a boss into a portal to go to like the forerunner or precourser home world…

dream i had wile listeneing…

thanks for reading!

I think it will be played right after the crash

I think that song will be played during the crash of the ship chiefs on into the forunner planet. Like it starts out slow then gets more upbeat then there’s the mysterious part. OR it will be the song for a recap of all the events from the previous Halo’s because I think 343 confirmed that.

The sample is three or four different songs… Which part? Lol

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Two out of three videogame adventures with the Chief resulted in boom. Things gone go boom.

Also the one without boom was still planned for boom. But bad Cortana no boom. For shame.