How Halo 5's population is dying.

Seems halo 5’s population is dropping with games like GTA, Destiny, fifa, ahead of it. The Truth is, if this game didnt have forge, I wouldnt touch this game again, havent played in months. I would have skipped 4 and 5 if it werent for forge.

The thing halo is missing is Fun. Halo 3 last had it, halo reach started to lose it and now 4 and 5 just dont have it. People still manage to find the fun in this game by winning matches, you know because winning in anything feels good. Trouble is people lose too, and most of the ones who suck at halo probably left months ago. Now your left with mostly competent players who want to win because its the only enjoyment you can get out of this game, but people have to lose. So the people who are not teamed up with friends co-ordinating in this unbalanced piece of s%&$ game will start to lose more, and soon will start to say enough is enough which has prob already happened. And might i just add this games issues is not the matchmaking, its the games design.

So you can see where this is going. This is how multiplayer games die. its just taking its time with halo 5 because it started with a huge population. Soon you will be left just the hardcore players, it will probably be more balanced/fair but the competitive population will be in their 100’s. I dont know if they will get fed up because its probably a game designed for them.

Anyway, bring on forge and custom games, where the FUN is at.

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