How halo 5 should have ended (IMO)

I’m not going to completely retell the story, this is more about how chief and the arbiter should have reunited at the end of halo 5 (they didn’t even speak to each other in the campaign we got).

Chief and and Locke step off the pelican ramp as they did in halo 5

Palmer looks at Locke “Locke, I thought you were dead” in that sarcastic snarky tone of hers

arbiter then walks past Palmer and goes face to helmet with chief “were it so easy” in that -Yoink!- Keith David tone of his. Camera then pans up as it did in halo 5s original ending. Halsey is not in this ending, she is off doing what ever the hell it is she does now, picking at her arm wound, I don’t know…

Negative PowerChutoy3, I don’t like it.