How Halo 5 Saved Halo...

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This is a very subjective video

While it is obvious Halo 5 made an amazing new forge and custom games are making a glorious return, this whole free update business, is a load of codswallop, they finished their game post-launch because the current three-year development cycle is insufficient and they can’t have more time because of consumer interest, most of it was adding playlists that should have been in game at launch like they were in Halo 4, adding to their microtransaction system to generate more money and balancing, which every decent developer does.

Secondly, I must point out that Halo 5 did not evolve Halo’s existing formula, it changed it completely to the point it can be no longer considered Halo.
Sprint and Spartan abilities change the game fundamentally from always being combat ready to duck and shoot and flank, which they do well, but due to the fact it is not Halo will not sell because of pre-existing preceptions. Added to that it completely changes the way AI, weapons, and map design that made Halo so popular because the original formula for all these things cannot co-exist with the new style of gameplay, thus moving it toward the CoD, Titanfall area which there us too many competition for consumers. Halo should distance itself and follow its roots home, where it made newsheadlines, and appealed to ten million people.

And finally there is no offline content to appeal to those who dont play online, except from a half-decent campaign. It hasnt saved Halo, it just made a small course correction towards the ship. Remember this, it hasnt saved Halo, we still have to stop Truth, we’ve just decactivated a small part of the barrier.