How Halo 5’s story could’ve been (Spoiler Alert)

Many people will hate this, but Master Chief should have a rest. I think that after Halo 4, MC should’ve disappeared into exile. In the epilogue, he obviously is taking his armour off. He has saved humanity enough times and should have a dignified end.

The replacement should have been a new main character instead of a new random team. Buck is the only member of Osiris that was in previous titles. I found Blue team even more boring. They are all robots that do whatever MC does. We can sit around for months, speculating who a good successor to Master Chief should be, but I would have liked to see more of Gabriel Thorne from Halo 4(Spartan Ops). He is a new Spartan 4 without too much back story, yet seems relatable. He could be easy enough to imagine being. Like Halo Reach, we could customize his armour. He wears Recruit armour in Halo 4, but he has to get a promotion eventually. We, the players, could customize our own Thorne and use that character in multiplayer(like Noble 6).

The villian could either have been the Didact, the Banished, or the return of the Flood. I think that the Didact would be the most consistent with Halo 4. Halo 4 was supposed to be the start of a new trilogy and Halo 5 goes in a completely strange and unexpected direction. Halo Wars 2 and Halo 5 could’ve shared the Banished as the threat. I really enjoyed the threat in Halo Wars 2. For the last option, the Flood. I know we hate ‘enough, but they were a good villian.

Last comments about Halo 5:
If Master Chief was going to return, he should have been the main part of the story. Cortana should have stayed dead. If 343i wanted to drag up issues between MC and Cortana, they should have built upon the Halo 4 idea of another Cortana model. Maybe a model that is similar but doesn’t have our Cortana’s memories. Imagine the issues, the Chief would face.
Thorne was only an idea. I would be fine with Buck as the main character or somebody new.
Obviously l liked Halo 4. Most of my irritation with Halo 5 is from the inconsistency with the “Reclaimer” trilogy(or Saga).
No matter what problems we have Halo 5, we have to live with it now. Hopefully 343i will improve upon some of the problems in Halo 6.

Last thing:
This for talking about campaign and story, not gameplay and multiplayer. Personally I liked the gameplay of Halo 4 and Halo 5, but this forum is not about “enhanced mobility”, “sprint”, or “loadouts”.

I thought Gabriel Thorne would have been the obvious choice, along with the rest of the Spartan Ops / Infinity team. The H4 legendary edition came with a bunch of crap about him specifically, too. The villain should have been Jul M’dama (or whatever his name is), again from Spartan Ops and the comics, maybe other sources too. He was well fleshed out and then unceremoniously put down by Locke.

Chief isn’t going anywhere now, after the backlash. He’s practically a given for at least another 2-3 games.

Am i the only Halo fan that actually likes Locke?

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> Am i the only Halo fan that actually likes Locke?

I thought Locke had better characterization than Chief (and the rest of the cast) for the most part. The overall writing of the story doesn’t really do him justice.

I agree about the didact/ forerunner antagonist returning as a villain. Halo 4 ended a bit awkwardly with him falling into a void, and than ambiguously removing him in the comics.

A rewrite I wold prefer is to have the chief go rogue in the prologue. Have him be absent from his post for months, traveling to former warzones or something. Really continue the idea of Chief confronting his machine vs human problem. That theme didn’t seem to expand after Halo 4.

What Halo 5 story should have been…
From Halo 4 we know that Cortana was “dying” from rampancy and she tells Chief the only way to fix her was to get to Dr. Halsey. Well as we saw in the cut scenes of Spartan Ops, which were pretty good IMO, we know Halsey ends up with Gul and Covenant after ONI tried to have her killed because they thought she was working with them. She also states she wanted revenge for them trying to kill her. They didn’t realize she was only trying to get to the Janus Key first. But anyways during the build up for H5 we all saw the promo of Chief walking through the dessert in that cloak when the guardian came up out of the sand and it shows Chief holding Cortana AI chip. So the premise should have been Chief did actually go AWOL “hunting” for Dr. Halsey to fix Cortana. Then we should have had Locke “hunting” for Chief. Then after Chief fights his way to Dr. Halsey to fix Cortana the last cut scene maybe have Dr. Halsey put some sort of program in Cortana to slowly turn Chief into her own personal assassin. It would be her trying to get the other half of the Janus Key back that she threw to that Spartan before she got shot and realized they were thing to kill her. She would have taken the other half off of Jul when Chief wasn’t looking after you had an epic boss battle against Jul. A perfect set up for H6. Chief torn between doing what is right and what Cortana maybe telling him. Man… What could have been…

Edit:. As far as the Guardians they wouldn’t have played much of a role in H5. There may have been one or two but it would focus on the getting the Janus Key to understand what they are, who and what controls them.

Halo 5 could’ve been better

If they had someone who knows how to write a story :stuck_out_tongue:

> 2533274816299345;3:
> Am i the only Halo fan that actually likes Locke?

I like him as well, he’s a great character, but I didn’t like how his characteristics were portrayed as a character in the H5 story, the first H2A cutscene when you’re introduced to Locke, that imo, that felt like Locke hunting the Chief

And the best line from him
”I’m not so much hunting A Spartan, as I’m hunting The Spartan”