How halo 5 has done favors for console gamers

ok so ill be doing another post on halo but this is not to praise halo 5 , this is just to say that yet again halo did do a favor for online play because with gamemodes out the -Yoink- and modes like prop hunt and deathrun have shown me that halo 5 has ignored the solo experiance and has since turned halo 5 into what i call Halo :g mod , which isnt bad ,a console g mod game is a great way to back up their multiplayer , but i think its a true testiment into how halo has evolved still through its multiplayer.

I wouldn’t neccesarily call it Halo Gmod. It has plenty of modes to be different than Gmod, such as warzones, slayer, BTB, CTF and other modes. You are right about it evolving over time, maybe for the better.

I think Halo has enough variety, one could even argue it has too much variety, but it lacks in social experience. There is so much restriction in terms of mic usage that it kinda makes me feel sad. You can no longer talk to your enemies in FFA, you can’t talk to your fellow survivors in infection. you can’t see who is talking when the game is loading up. I kinda wish stuff like this would come back. Like adding proximity chat or mic preference would be great and welcoming additions to the Halo experience for a lot of people, including myself.