How Halo 5 feels like Halo

There is a reason how this game ‘Feels like Halo’ game (I feel stupid saying that like im an soul-bound into the game):You either revolutionize the gameplay but not the game itself…which makes it not Halo. Then leading into revolutionizing the whole game next time that adds both gameplay mechanics equaling to pacing of the game just as Halo did in CE, 2 and 3. And just as it did in Halo 5 (Just Halo 5). As it isnt the gaming movements and other aspects that change the game…it is the aspects that changed the playstyle of the game; leaving it the same…but just looks different. And sometimes, how things look makes us judge how we actually feel about it.

1: Original Halos:

In Halo CE and 2 and 3, the gameplays is strong. It focuses on map control and team coordination with one another even if they are a stranger or not. There are paths and footholds that bring up advantages but also laying down weak points to the area that aren’t so obvious but are there to push both sides to the team up if you know what your doing and when you are going to do it. If it is from a bomb canister to an icy Popsicle on top, it levels the playing field on knowing when and and where to do it. But sometimes, it isn’t just environmental areas that help you, there are also places that lead to the location that aren’t so visible to see if it was from jumping on a railing to a small tree and onto a roof or jumping on a rock that leads to a to a window. Or a specific wall placed there to bounce a grenade off into an invisible corner just to draw out an enemy. These playstyles are what makes map development in Halo…‘Halo’ and this is without the boost or extra ability movement.

Another fact that makes Halo is that it is different from other shooters. It doesnt focus on one individual relying on himself to dominate a team of 4+ in the match. It focus on relying on others people and other things to dominate together and making each other’s abilities worth one another. On whom is where, and when to take the cake. With this ability, it doesnt focus on team members play as decoy and one guy focuses on seeing and taking whatever with that basic starter weapons and then dominates the enemy team with his ‘Skills’. For he only counts on himself and not others. And this also does not work if each member of the team counts on themselves to win. That even if they win, they won for their own reputation (We all know im relating this to Call of Duty).

But as for Halo, you dont rely on your basic assault rifle to dominate alone. And fights are more than just blank fights on who shoots first. It is about how each weapon is used and how it plays in the scenario. If you ever play a game of Halo without touching a single side or power weapon, you would likely not get far on your own unless you know how to use each weapon wisely…which is a very hard skill to do. But that isn’t the case. The case is that all players are stand alone the same and aren’t different from one another. Both teams have a chance on winning. Both teams have a chance on killing. And both teams have a chance at dominating. It is the chance that is only there if you count on other people/things and your usage of it to your capability. In short, every game can have the same aspects as Halo…but it wont be like Halo became of how the aspects are played.

2: ‘Revolutionized’ Halo:

Reach - From what I see, Halo Reach stayed only on one same format…aspects. It had the basic starting and basic scripting such as scoping in or unable to move faster without a power up. However, it didn’t have the play style. With the loadouts in play, it took out a lot from cooperation to trying and do things on your own with the weapons that are given to you. Yet, on Halo Reach, each loadout are not entirely different from other games but different enough to have less strategy with on another but more on individual play with their own given equipment as other games are. Also, it has less maps that are more plain and modern looking (Talking about design. Not how it was from forge) instead of movement or stratedgy on how and where to get places. Only way to get to places is with the jetpack loadout or just glitches found to move around the map. And with this kind of stuff, it makes Halo Reach lacking 2/3 aspects from original Halos to make the game “Not feeling like Halo”.

Halo 4 - From how Halo 4 is, we all know this didnt feel at all like Halo. But im still going to go in-dept to those that want to hear. What makes this game not Halo is that it isnt focusing on gameplay elements or playstyle elements. It just focuses on fun and battles like every other non-Halo game. For instead of default loadouts, you have custom loadouts. And this makes Halo 4 as the same as every other game. And for map playstyle, it also focus on looking more modern than Halo Reach instead of actual playstyle areas that make the map special. Sure there are a few there. But as in Halo Albert Einstein quote version “It is to get you from point A, to point B…but in a other Halo game, your imagination takes you everywhere”…that just means that the movements on Halo 4 maps arent so special as they dont get you anywhere unique. But in Halo 2-3 there were more less obvious places to take you out of situations you dont want to be in. The only thing on Halo 4 has is team coordination. You can still focus on what and who has what, where they are and where no to go…even if they gotten that just from an ordinance drop. So, Halo 4 also lacks 2/3 aspects that makes it not feeling like Halo.

Halo 5 - Halo 5…this game looks so different from the other games with their spartan abilities…however…it didn’t change the feel at all. For Halo 5, it has gotten rid of loadouts or powerful loadouts to make the gameplay aspect stay the same. You have two basic weapons, strong enough to be used correctly against enemy players. Making everyone having the same chance of winning. And it also plays back with the playstyle. Even with the spartan abilities into play, the game game focus on making sure those abilities have limits but can used to get to areas in their own unique way by making sure the map is big enough and appropriate to play in with them around. But even without the spartans abilities, the map plays just well enough for old elements like crouch jump to grenade placements to around Halo 5’s map. It also makes sure there are environmental surroundings for players to have positions with weak points by button pressing to an exploding barrel to cover enemy areas. But even with those gone, it has areas that take you around the area to gain slight advantages over enemies to keep the competitive and fun sides of fighting your opponents. And then there is team coordination…with the maps made for competitive moment and having areas named obviously for certain power weapons, it makes your team aware of what and where people are and what they have. It makes the maps to be more aware of the enemy positions and how to help your team by wherever they are.Concluding, Halo Reach and Halo 4 are games that mostly did not feel like Halo. But for Halo 5, we are blinded to see these new aspects in gameplay movement that we dont focus on these other things that bring the Halo feel back into us. It makes us back into judging the game from what we see, instead of how these less obvious things that original Halos have that Halo 5 also has. Which it makes Halo 5 feeling like the other Halo games. This is 7500 letters. Bye…