How Halo 4 should've ended: Didact boss battle!

Just thought of a brilliant idea for Halo 4. Chances of this being put in-game are 99.9% unlikely, but still I’d like to share my view on how Halo 4 should’ve ended.

Step 1 is to progress through the mission obviously.

During the cutscene Chief is walking towards the Didact, I’d let that play out until the moment Cortana traps the Didact with her energy and Chief plants a splinter grenade on the Didact.

Here goes: Instead of the Didact clumbsily falling down to slipspace, this is what should’ve happened…

It should go straight in to another cutscene. The Didact attempts to lift John with his power again after the explosion but fails due his armour taking heavy internal damage.

So he walks over to Chief, who is kneeling helplessly after being strangled a second time… the Didact approaches him. However the Didact mysteriously is being held back by some small bright yellow lights that suddenly appear. He tries pushing his way through the force towards Chief, but can’t. “Who protects you from your Restraint” - Didact


Suddenly small whisp sized lights appear circling chief, and he wonders what is going on. Then they all combine into Chiefs right hand and start forming a very special, ancient weapon, possibly some kind of Forerunner gravity sword that can disassemble Promethean soldiers by touch.

As the weapon forms in his hand the cutscene then focus on the Didacts face/mask/helmet looking helplessly at the formation of his foe’s sudden and unexplained upgrade.

Back to Chief, while the weapon has been forming in his hand, he’s been hearing a voice. This voice could either be the LIbrarian, Primordial, or preferably a deep, mysterious Forerunners voice that whispers “Reclaimer…” a dozen times for a few seconds.

The weapon has formed, chief rises with a sudden strength from the Forerunner sword, and stands mightily facing towards the Didact.

The Didact, released from his second imprisonment on the bridge, says “So it’s true. The decision will not remain in your favour human. Prometheans, finish him!”

Two platforms emerge near the beam firing at earth, and on them is two Knights. However another set of whisks traps them in energy and a whispering voice says, “It’s been too long Didact”. The Knights crumble suddenly and Chief runs towards the Didact about to strike…

Gameplay: Now we personally fight the Didact on the bridge. He dodges Chiefs first blow swiftly from the cutscene, and you must then use the sword to strike him at any possible given chance.

The sword seems to be especially designed for fighting the Didact. It prevents him from using his armour efficiently, summoning slipspace escape routes, and summoning Prometheans. It can also fire energy and malfunction Forerunner technology.

Upon striking any remaining nearby Prometheans desperate to protect the Didact, you realise the bridge is slowly being consumed by holes that have appeared from any whisps you fired from the sword and any constructs are disappearing.

I can’t say for sure how the Didact should fight, but he should be still powerful enough. He should be able to push you in different locations if you get to close but if you aim carefully with an assault rifle you could shoot some specific points on his armour that defect him, giving you more of a chance to strike him and do 100% more damage. Occasionally he could lead you into quick time melee where you have to press the right buttons fast to beat him. If you press incorrectly he dodges an attack and strikes back efficiently, giving you low health.

This will probably mostly be a melee battle because the sword has limited whisps. But can strike eternally.

The Didact ciuld also make parts of the ship crumble at his will and fall towards you, collapsing one section of bridge where you came from so there is no going back the way you came from.

Finally, after a good few minutes of trying to beat the Didact and his powerful attacks, he is on very low health and his armour is unable to regenerate because of the sword. And in fact his armour blows as if he was struck by ten grenades.

Cutscene: Now that you’ve defeated him, we’re brought into one final cutscene where the Didact is on his knees. Chief exhausted but still standing… realises the Dudact is too weak to move. The sword disappears in his hand however and is unable to finish him off. However Chief realises the nuke is behind him and walks over to it.

The Didact watching Chief walk owards the bike, realises the bridge is about to disappear because of all the holes in it that have been increasing in size dramatically. “So be the fate of our galaxy, let those who oppose the Forerunners, fight to the death” Didact then raises his arm (while on all 4) and then smashes a piece of the bridge in front of him. The bridge then becomes like an escalator, pulling Chief towards the Didact abruptly. Luckily however he managed to grab the nuke just in time but he slides towards the Didact, who attempts to strike the Chief on his approach.

Chief struggles to keep his balance as the bridge is also shaking. He holds the nuke as tightly as possible bedore turning to kick the Didact hard in the chest as he slides towards him. They then both fall down the side of the bridge, and the Didact puts his hand over Chiefs helmet, and Chrushes his visor, while Chief, spins mid air and kicks the Dudact down towards the slip space portal. Chief holding the nuke, falling down, only has a few seconds left before he too reaches the slipspace portal. He looks up at earth, and while wrapped in his left arm, presses the button to detonate the nuke with his right.

This my friends is a proper boss battle between Chief and the Didact.

We can continue the ending as normal from here, but in my opinion, this is what should’ve happened…

As Chief detonated the nuke, it destroyed the Composer. He saved earth. But Chief fell the the slipspace portal.

Sad music…

This time, he is found instantly. He ends up slipspacing near an outer colony and is found by a rescue team which was sent to investigate a slipspace rupture that appeared near their planet. They then realise look up his bio details and realise he is a missing Spartan since 2552. A notification is sent to ONI or Lord Hood but the Infinite, after learning Chiefs new location, slipspaces to the planet he ended up on. Chief is welcomed aboard the infinite and is congratulated by the few people who knew of his desperate conquest to save Earth.

Ideally, we don’t see Cortana. And Chief mourns the loss of his good friend. (Thomas Lasky could be included in this cutscene). It is emotional to see your friend disappear without having said goodbye, and we are left in awe.

There’s only one question… Who was that voice that spoke to Chief on the Composer and summoned a powerful sword?

Halo 6!!!