How halo 4 should be...

If HALO 4 is to be a huge success in my eyes, and I hope a lot of people feel the same; It
should feel like a direct sequal of HALO 3; It would accomplish that by having equipment again, same exact mark 6 armor as in HALO 3(I say that because in the H4 trailer I noticed slight modifications in the armor); It should include costume game matchmaking options(like in Farcry 2); Not all objects in Forge are grey or the same color in general(because a map that is all one color is boring)and there should be more movable objects.

That was most of my ideas at the moment I’d like to see in HALO 4.

IMO Halo 4 should not be a sequel to Halo 3, it should be a new beginning- a reboot.

I guess what I meant to say is a new story but I want it to feel more like halo3 hat halo reach. I was meaning a squeal for the game play. IMO reach feels way too different from the other halos. IK they’re just trying to keep it fresh, but it just feels wrong to me.

It might be a sequel to Halo 3, but it is also the start of an all new trilogy for another ten years.
And 343 as already decided to add some new things to freshen up the gameplay formula "whilst balancing that with the core of what makes a Halo great[…]We can’t just regurgitate the same experience."
Honestly, I can’t wait to hear what 343i has brought to the table for Halo 4.