How Halo 4 might turn out like BF3 later.....

So there was this game called Battlefield 3… before it launched, it recieved much hype and excitement… when it launched it was a great game, great balance, good gameplay etc…but then came the WHINERS, they whined and complained about small gameplay mchanincs and a particular weopon… the whining got to annoying for the developers and so they nerfed and changed…soon more whiners came and complained and today Battlefield 3 is a wreck of a game, nothing is balanced and evryone complains… 343i if you listen to hose WHINERS who cant adapt and change then you would WRECK HALO 4!!! this is your game!! you know whats best!!! SOO STOOOOPPPP WHINING ABOUT HALO 4!!!

Nerf aim assist

OP, would you like to defend aim assist? Or do you need that in order to hit anything with your DMR?

May Apache Choppers help us all.

Bf3 is nothing like halo 4 and halo 4 will be nothing like it, you see in Bf3 a single rifle can’t damage a tank and grenades can’t damage them either.

Bf3 is a wreak because of EA only caring about money, and the multitude of glitches that plague the game that DICE never seem to fix.
theres no 1 weapon with a -Yoink- ton of aim assist ruling everything, the gunplay unlike CoD and this game is actually fairly balanced.

your not stuck to 5 weapons per game without having to leave and change it to something else.
if you mean its on its way to being more like CoD then yes its looking for more like that.
CoD if you don’t remember had the same issues which activision didn’t fix really

agreed! battlefield is still pretty awesome but not as awesome as it was, its like feeding a stray cat when the give in, they just keep coming back and maybe bring a few friends

I did not say BF3 is like Halo… I said that Halo 4 might end up like BF3 sooner or later…

So just because people have legitimate complaints, they are “whiners”. Do you believe that a developer shouldn’t have to listen to criticism? That the game they made is perfect and without flaw? That is stupid. I swear, this community is just like The Old Republics community before it crashed. They praise the game as if it were perfect and ridicule others for daring to voice their concerns.

How come it’s so easy to kill people in this game?

> I did not say BF3 is like Halo… I said that Halo 4 might end up like BF3 sooner or later…

thats like saying CoD will end up like quake.

You gotta think though. A lot of things that people request to be fixed are legitimate things. IE: Gametypes, servers are a bit “off” at times, stuff like that. When things get in the way of weapons, that when I think it gets too out of hand. If the patches had only to do with gametypes and server tweaks then that would be just fine. Not every request for a change is someone whining.

> How come it’s so easy to kill people in this game?

Probably because of ridiculous aim assist. Although honestly it messes me up a lot when I am aiming at aiming at an enemy, and then another enemy sprints in front of the guy I was aiming at, causing me to follow the sprinting guy instead of staying on the guy I was originally aiming at. Its really annoying.