How Halo 4 feels to most

One song fits this game Numb by Linkin Park

Numb by linkin park

I was just listening to this song and well it described halo 4 IMO

when it should feel like…

> when it should feel like…

Agreed Halo 4 is stale at best. I just hope Halo 5 is better

halo 5 needs some re-playability for me to get it

(offline re-playability)

bungie saw halo as an awesome game that could build an awesome franchise, and did so…

343 saw a chance to make a lot of money off a game they didnt create, and they did so…

im waiting for destiny

why does halo 3 looks so much cleaner and better when it is 6 years old?

It feels more like this

How Halo 3 Felt