How Halo 2 can make a glorious return (LIVE!)

Ok, so we all know how Halo 2 said its farewells a long time ago. But unfortunately, there’s still a community out there who wants to play it. Now I’m not saying everyone will go back to Halo 2, but it would be nice to go back once in a while.

Now of course some people view Halo 2 as a dead horse which passed away a long time ago, and if it lifts its wobbly, twitchy foot they need to beat it down until it’s dead again. This shouldn’t be the case. Now first of all, Halo CE has a huge community (talking about pc here) I took a screenshot just so you know how many people are online still playing this game.

Holy crap! A lot of people huh? The other day there was 273 servers so this is only half of the usual players. Now unfortunately, the Halo 2 pc community was never really popular, and the mod community? Nothing. Now for Halo there was so much extra content and cool stuff, and Halo 2 Vista was -Yoink!- about Games for Windows Live.

Now, the reason Halo 2 was shut down was because not a lot of people played it, and it was getting expensive. So this idea may sound crazy, but it’s been done before, and it can be done now. Cross platforming Xbox and PC.

Now the thing is PC users will have a huge advantage, but that’s a small price to pay for good 'ol Halo 2 fun right? Plus, your experience will be in the hands of the people who run the servers, but that’s not too bad considering they run the servers great. So the problem is Halo 2 has a small community, it’s almost deserted, while Halo CE is booming more than ever. Age is not the problem.

If 343 brought this cross platform experience and expanded on the mod maps community, Halo 2 would be great. In Halo 2 Vista, if you try to join a game with a map you don’t have (a modded one), the server will download it for you. Why not for Halo 2 on Xbox?