How H6 will likely end *Possible Spoilers*

I haven’t played H4 and don’t know much about the story but from what I knew before this game even came out, the Librarian was the forerunner wife of another forerunner The Didact. I may be mistaken but I believe she was responsible for putting all life deemed worthy on the Ark and other sanctuaries to escape the Halo’s.

Apparently, The Didact is the villain in this game and one of the few remaining forerunners who illegally escaped the Halo’s and are now abusing their power to rule the Universe. I guess he doesn’t believe that Humans are the most worthy of all and doesn’t believe them fit to inherit forerunner status like the librarian believes. So he creates an army of loyal human-forerunner hybrids(Promethean knights. He believes humans to be to impure.

Bigger Spoilers
From what I heard, the Precursors play the “God” role in the Halo universe. They grant incredible knowledge to the species they believed pure. This species was the Forerunners. Unfortunately, the Forerunners rebelled just like humans did to God after he entrusted them with one instruction in Eden(Just in case you haven’t noticed, Halo has many biblical references). So the precursors became angry and regretful about appointing such great knowledge and power to a race the believed were worthy. So they basically left the universe by ascending to the heavens and grant THEM, the Forerunners, the God role by leaving and punishing them with the “Flood”(Basically saying, “You think you are God? Then deal with this”)

The punishment for the Forerunners was the destruction of their entire race. But The Didact broke the law when he survived the Halos. The Forerunner society accepted defeat and knew the best way to ensure the survival of the Galaxy was to end their reign of knowledge and power by killing themselves and starving the Flood. I am guessing it was law that ALL Forerunners were to die. Intended by the Precursors anyway but law by the Forerunners.

How this Halo trilogy will end:
The Precursors will come back. Seeing everything humanity has accomplished in terms of eradicating galactic and potentially universal threats(Covenant, Flood, The Didact) and succeeding(This includes destroying the last of the rebellious Forerunners), the Precursors will then grant humanity what it once granted the Forerunners. Humanity will then reign over the universe with good intentions.

That is how I think this trilogy will end.


How the hell did this hit the second page so fast? Can at least one person respond? Does anyone else agree on my theory?

It won’t. There’s a lot to suggest it’s just won’t, you probably would have needed to play halo 4 or read the books.

Didact will most likely be aiding humanity in the coming sequels. The Flood is still a threat, and the Precursor weren’t “good”, they seem to have had an agenda that wasn’t entirely pure, and they certainly aren’t looking out for humanity.

Halo 5 will re introduce the flood and end with the mention of the Precursor.

Halo 6 will deal with unraveling what the Precursor’s intentions are and chief completing the Librarians plan.

And I don’t think it was ever stated it was illegal for the Forerunner to survive Halo.

So the Flood is still a threat? That is good because it was stupid the way Halo 3 left the Flood. They weren’t defeated.

You should play the game…
and the flood are still in certain installations, they werent wiped out completely so they could make a return.