How H5 can be successful with H4 elements.

This is an x-post from r/halo:
Note: I’m assuming that we won’t be able to play as Elites in Halo 5

What does everyone get mad about in Halo 4? Boltshot, camo, stickies, plasma pistol, personal ordnance. Here’s how Halo 5 can improve on 4 without going back to Halo 3:

  1. Loadout weapons that are only UNSC: DMR, BR, AR, SMG(explained later) & Pistol. Frags.
  2. Armor abilities that you load out with: Regen, Hologram, or Thruster Pack. These armor abilities take some skill to use and are balanced. No camo, no prom. vision, no jetpack.
  3. Armor abilities on map: All the other armor abilities could spawn in certain places so you have to fight for them.
  4. Covenant/Promethean loadout weapons on map at certain places: CC, SR, PP, LR, BS. Same goes for grenades.
  5. Dual-wieldable secondaries: Pistol, SMG, Plasma Rifle (different than Storm Rifle), Spiker (if Brutes return). These secondaries would be weaker than primaries when there’s only one. You load out with one pistol or one SMG. You can pick up the others on the map.
  6. Put power-ups on map.
  7. Put power-weapons on map.
  8. Keep Personal Ordnance, except limit it to: an additional secondary , primary ammo, and grenades.
  9. No random drops on the map (fixed with recent update).
  10. Fewer playlists with more gametype options.
  11. Descope instead of flinch.
  12. Take away sprint; increase movement speed and make maps smaller.
  13. Make more small maps!
  14. In-game ranked for certain playlists.
  15. Profit.

Don’t forget a set of actual classic playlists at launch that strongly resemble Halo 3 (or 2) gameplay for those Halo fans who don’t like the new style of play! That way everyone profits.

This is one of the best posts I’ve ever seen.

I agree completely, apart from I think all armor abilities should be placed on the maps, as opposed to being loadouts.
I love your Ordnance idea! I suggested something very similar, though your idea is better.

I really hope 343i sees this thread!

I disagree on only UNSC weapon starts, I like the Light Rifle and Carbine yet hate the BR and dislike the DMR in comparison, maybe the primary rifles are allowed but not boltshot or plasma pistol

> I disagree on only UNSC weapon starts, I like the Light Rifle and Carbine yet hate the BR and dislike the DMR in comparison, maybe the primary rifles are allowed but not boltshot or plasma pistol

There are ways to balance out the boltshot for halo 5. It doesn’t have to be a 1sk if it isn’t coded to be. The halo 3 mauler functioned similarly as a shotgun, but could only 1sk if duel wielded.

As for the pp, remove its ability to stop vehicles but make the emp take out the occupant’s shields so that they can be shot out of the vehicle by other means. Or take the pp out of loadouts along with stickies and put them on the map as they currently are now.

Also, increase vehicle damage resistance, NOT turret damage. All that does is put a heavier gun on a paper vehicle.

When you say take away sprint do you mean entirely or just from multiplayer? Perfectly fine removing it from multiplayer but at least keep it in campaign please :slight_smile:

Your list is well thought-out, ZipCity117; but let me point some things out and allow me to give you my opinion on some things. Each number on my list follows the OP’s list, so if you’re confused on what I’m talking about, go back to page 1 of this topic to read the original post.

  1. Please clarify this, I have no clue what you were even talking about…
    2, 3, & 4) As for removing abilities, Promethean Vision needs to be purged completely from the game, If I so much as see anything remotely like this in Halo 5, I’m throwing that piece of garbage Xbox One down a flight of stairs and eating the Halo 5 disk. everything else is fine. Everyone will always moan about Jetpacks and Camo, that’s a given. However, for fighting over armor abilities in every gametype, that’s absurd. Grenades, not so much, I agree with you on that.
  2. The new system of Ordnance is a great alternative to collectable powerups in certain situations (Non-CTF/Assault) Gametypes). That’s what I think, at least. Would this be an optional thing or would powerups be forced? There are multiple gametypes in Halo, so preferences may vary.
  3. I agree vehemently with this statement. In fact they need to even take power weapons off of the Ordnance drops and just make them on-map only. Those Incineration Cannons are way too powerful to be given to players so freely.
  4. See items 6 and 7 for my answer.

That’s about it. I think everything else you suggested checks out. Thank you for your time.

Remove DMR so the primary action takes place in mid to close range combat. The DMR forces all the players to outside of the maps because of the range and power. Cut down on everyone camping outside and ruining good maps. THE DMR MUST DIE!!