how good is reach community?

Hello can anyone tell how good halo reach is online? I bought a xbox and was wondering how many still played it online. thanks

Dude the halo reach community, what can I say its one of the best communities out there.
Seriously ive met some friends for life on reach. Get playing dude

Don’t worry about numbers dude. The reach community is packed for a 2010 game in both day and night

Okay its me FirchyBirch or what ever lol I made that name cause couldnt get into my old account but i finally figured that out. anyhow thanks guys ill pick it up just was curious I used to play it all the time and was one of my favorite halo games. thanks

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Hello, community. I’ll be jumping on after I get off work… around 08:30EST. It will be my first online match on Reach. Wish me luck and go easy on me, veterans!

As much as I hate to say it, the community isn’t in its prime anymore. Allot of time has past and more hits have followed. We’re in the 2014 now where as it was released in 2010.

The nostalgia…

Although on the bright side since it has been released on games on demand the population has greatly increased but in the next couple months its down hill from there I’m betting.

The Halo Reach community for me could never be replaced so far as gaming and social interaction but I must say the fileshare and media features haven’t followed in success as Halo 3’s file browser.