How firefight could work in custom games with REQs

CUSTOM GAMES FOR FIREFIGHT. This is my number one demand for firefight, and there’s a way you can make it work with the REQ system too.

So it works like this, custom games will not effect the REQs you use in multiplayer warzone. Instead in the pre game lobby there should be an option for each game of firefight to Modify REQs

One option can be randomized REQs. Where each player starts with a random set of REQs they can use as they level up. And if they run out or dont like the REQs they have, they can gamble on another set of REQs using their REQ energy. This would work in game and can be acquired at a REQ station. A new set of REQs will be awarded to each player after completion of a round or set. The player can collect their reward or refresh it for 2 REQ points and this can only he done ONCE if the player doesnt like the first set of randomized REQs

Another type would be a more crazy firefight where everyone has access to every REQ as they level up. More fiesta-ish

And maybe a classic mode with weapon drops and no REQ stations. An ODST or reach tribute

Let me also add that 343i should let the player modify firefight as much as possible in a custom lobby. Just as in Reach where you could pick what types of waves you want to face. Have you ever tried making it through Halo Reach firefight with 1 life agaisnt an army of elites?! Fun and challenging with friend’s. Halo 5 can go above and beyond now since the tech is better, more AI can actually fit, and the REQ system! Allowing more crazy -Yoink- to happen with vehicles, power weapons, and all that stuff. If there’s no custom games for Firefight then 343i is lazy

I like all these ideas but unfortunately it will not happen because 343 doesn’t get any deniro and let’s be honest they’re in the money makin business and business is boomin.

Yeah if 343 isn’t making money it ain’t happening any time soon

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> Yeah if 343 isn’t making money it ain’t happening any time soon

Because infection + firefight 6 months after launch is bound to make them more money than having those features at launch to begin with.

Tom French mentioned that REQs and REQ stations were in the works for forge.
343i stated that there will be no elites nor forgable AI nor Warzone customs. Stuff that people will pay money over. Hell people would pay for a better campaign or space battles.