How does the, i wanna say ranking system work

Was wondering what a Master of Unicorns meant, I assume anybody called a Monitor is in charge or? yah so I wondered if anyone else was confused or if I was the only one.

This would be a better topic for the Waypoint section of the forum.

Master of Unicorns is a rank bug that occured if you didn’t post on the day of a big update/change (forgot the date), a while ago.
Those people’s ranks were screwed up, and it didn’t track the rank. The Waypoint team is slowly setting things right, but all of those who are pending a correction are labelled as “Master of Unicorns” (joke name). It was “I R Stuck”.

Monitors are the moderators, community members picked by 343i. Superintendents are similar.

I believe there is a thread about ranks… either in Waypoint or General Discussion.

much appreciated.