How does the Halo 5 is ambitious Halo game?

Before Halo 5 has launched, 343 keep said the Halo 5 is the ambitious game in the Halo series. Well, I do not think the Halo 5 is ambitious Halo ever. I don’t play multiplayer that much, I usually buy game based on campaign and play over and over. The Halo 3 was the best game I ever played in my life. I thought the Halo 5 would much more than Halo 3, but it was not. 343 made Halo 5 based on cooperative campaign than single. The teammate AIs are not necessary in single play. 343 increased the difficulty due to team AIs, and the AIs do nothing. The jackal with storm rifle is incredibly stronger than team AI. I rather have 3 jackals with storm rifle for allies than 3 stupid Spartans. 343 should have made team AIs based on Arbiter’s from Halo 3. The game scale was pretty big, but I felt the Halo 3 was bigger. All I remember from campaign was fighting against Warden Eternals. My overall thought is the Osiris is not necessary in Halo 5. Blue Team could retrieve Dr. Halsey and Master Chief could have permission from UNSC to investigate Cortana’s contact. Focused on only Blue Team. It wasn’t bad to play as Locke, but unnecessary character in Halo 5. Osiris should appeared on different Halo title (like make a new title for Osiris).