how does the digital pre-order work?

This is in no way a pre-order argument, I just have a simple question on how the digital version works. So, I saw it on my One and saw that is say pre-order for 59.99, ok, but how does it work? when I buy it, will it be queued and download and then I have to wait for the game to launch, or will I buy it and it will queue a day before the game launches?


You can buy it now and you’ll be able to download the game at least a week before launch. There will be a day one patch but it won’t be too big.

You pay now, wait a few months and download it when the game is available. You can usually get it a little earlier than the folks at midnight release too, if you care about that kind of thing.

When you buy it, the game is licensed under your Microsoft account. When the game releases, you will be prompted to download it. Simple as that.

You can pre-load games if you pre-order digitally pretty sure. So it becomes available to play after you downloaded it on midnight I think.