How does PO work?

When you go in the custom settings and edit PO it gives you a blank slate rather than allowing you to edit the infinity slayer PO system. This makes me wonder whether or not the default system is even the same as slots assigned numbers 1-10 like in the custom options. Is there a measure of player performance in-game that effects the probability of getting certain weapons? How does the default system work? If it uses the same options as those offered to players in custom games, what are the weapons in each slot exactly and what probability numbers are they assigned?

Is this of any help to you?

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No, not really. But thanks for the reply.

My question specifically concerns the mechanic, probability, and available weapons and power-ups of the PO in the infinity slayer pre-made gametype, and whatever variant of it is used in matchmaking for infinity slayer and big team.

I want to know if the settings 343 uses can be emulated through the custom settings or if the player is given a “dumbed down” version of the ordnance options 343 uses, and how the system 343 uses is different if that is the case.

Even if these settings cannot be fully emulated because 343 uses mechanics not available to the user, I would like to know how to get a custom PO system to work as similarly to the pre-made infinity gametype as possible.

After watching GDC I’m developing a sneaking suspicion that Personal Ordnance intentionally and disproportionately rewards weaker players to make them “feel better.”

Care to quell this suspicion 343?

I believe they are done by 343i per map to be distributed fairly. With a maximum of ten things up. So you have a chance of getting three things. It’s always usually 2 of any grenade, overshield, damage boost, speed boost. And either incineration cannon, beam rifle, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, railgun and so on.

The blank slate is possibly either a glitch, or a way for you to on the map decide which ordnance can be called in on any infinity supported mode.

I think that’s right at least, I hope it helps.